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PureGear PureJuice 10K PD Fast Portable Charger [Review]

PureGear PureJuice 10K PD

Smartphones are getting better and more powerful each year but the battery tech isn’t keeping up with the power demands of many of these devices. While you’re supposed to get a days worth of use per charge with your smartphone, that’s usually not the case and most have to recharge several times a day due to heavy usage. I’m one of those people and halfway through the day, I have to plug-in in order to make it through the day. I choose to use a wall plug as it allows for fast charging and not a portable backup battery because those usually charge very slowly. That’s not the case however with the new PureGear PureJuice 10K PD as this is the first backup batter charger I’ve used that actually fast charges my smartphone.

PureGear PureJuice 10K PD

But first, before we get into how well this thing works, let’s talk about how it looks. The PureJuice 10K PD is about the size of a mobile phone in terms of height, width, and depth. It’s black in color with a checkered pattern on both the front and back. The only other distinguishing markings on it is the PureGear logo on its side. It’s not a very exciting design, but it is pocketable which is a plus.

PureGear PureJuice 10K PD

The PureJuice 10K PD has two USB ports. One is a regular USB-A port while the other one is a USB-C port. The kit comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable and that’s pretty much what you’ll want to use. This is because the USB-C port is the one that fast charges. The USB-A port doesn’t fast charge my device and just charges it at regular speeds. What that means is that your device must have a cable that can connect to the USB-C port on the PureJuice 10K PD and have fast charging capabilities in order to make use of the fast charging. This has a 10,000mAh battery which can approximately charge a mobile phone about 3 times fully.

PureGear PureJuice 10K PD

Other than that, the PureGear PureJuice 10K PD is a very good backup battery charger. It does what it says it does and being able to fast charge on the go is a big benefit. That means you’ll spend less time charging and more time being productive without being tethered to a cable.

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