I remember the days when a vacuum cleaner was just a vacuum cleaner. There was nothing special about them other then the fact that their sole purpose was to suck up dirt. Then of course now we live in a world where little robot vacs are the norm and handheld units now have “smart” features. Take for instance the new Roidmi NEX Storm which is a follow up to their popular Roidmi F8 which I reviewed here last year. The new Roidmi NEX Strorm features everything we loved about the F8, but now it’s a 2-in-1 unit that features both a vacuum and mop at the same time. Not only that, it’s more powerful, is quieter, and lasts longer in-between charges.


The Roidmi NEX Storm looks very much like the Roidmi F8. Like the F8, it’s got a really modern look and built around the philosophy of being lightweight and modular. The actual body that hosts the motor and collection canister is pretty small. The diameter is about 3.5-inches with an overall length of 12.5-inches. Attached to the main cylinder is basically a tubular structure that makes up the handle and where all the attachments connect. The vacuum also has a bit more color and contrast then the F8. Mainly they’ve thrown in some black accents to help distinguish it from the F8.

Attachments for the Roidmi NEX Storm include pretty much everything you need to get into every corner of your home. I don’t know what any of the attachments are called, but it’s got this rolling brush with two different kinds of brushes depending on the surface you’re using it on. It also has this thin angled tube you can use to get into the pesky corners as well as what looks like a dusting brush to help loosen up debris so it can get sucked up. There’s also an extension tube as well as a flexible tube that further helps you get into those hard to get areas. Again, I don’t know what any of those attachments are called, but you can see from the photo above everything it comes with.

There is one extra attachment found on the NEX Storm that wasn’t on the previous Roidmi F8 and that is the mop attachment. It’s basically a piece that attaches to the bottom of the big vacuum piece and mops the floor as you are sucking up dirt.

Like the previous vacuum, the Roidmi NEX Storm makes it ridiculously easy to swap attachments. All attachments can only go in to the slot one way and are held in place with a simple 1 button locking mechanism. Just slide the attachment in and it clicks into place. To remove it, just press the button and pull and it comes right out with almost zero effort. That’s it. Not only that, attachments from the Roidmi F8 also work with the NEX Storm.

Lastly, the Roidmi NEX Storm is really simple to clean. Again it’s mostly a 1 push operation with a button that releases the canister. Once you do that, you can lift open the door and just empty out most of the loose dirt and dust. For the rest of the junk that’s stuck in there, you can remove the filter element from the rear and use the included brush to get it all off.


If you already own a Roidmi F8, there really isn’t too much reason I see to also get a Roidmi NEX Storm. While there are some differences, the overall tech behind it all is the same. This is more like an incremental update and less of a revolution. Yes it’s more powerful and lasts longer and the mop attachment is kind of cool, but unless you don’t already have a Roidmi vacuum of some sort, you don’t need to pick up another one.

Of course if you don’t own one, then the Roidmi NEX Storm would be the vacuum to get.

On to my experiences with it so far, the Roidmi NEX Storm does a wonderful job. It easily sucks up any amount of dust you can throw at it and on floors, it makes short work of dirt and debris. The Roidmi NEX Storm also made short work of all the crap on the floor of my car. I have rubber mats in my car and it sucked up all the loose dirt and grass that had accumulated over the months. It even works wonders sucking up any debris between the cracks of your seats and where the seams are. And because this is a portable vac, you don’t have to be dragging a power cable around which.

As for the mop attachment, it works as well as can be expected. The attachment can be filled with water and the slow drip system keep the mop attachment moist for better cleaning. Basically what it does is after you vacuum up dirt, the mop part goes over that area to finish cleaning up any loose debris for a deeper clean. This obviously only works on hard surfaces and not carpet or rugs.

I mentioned above that this is a cordless vac so you will need to charge the Roidmi NEX Storm periodically. Charging the vacuum doesn’t take very long and each charge will give you about 60 minutes worth of standard usage.

The Roidmi NEX Storm like the previous vacuum is also a smart vacuum. There is a companion app that can be downloaded that can tell you exactly how much charge is left in the Roidmi NEX Storm and how much actual running time it left. It will also tell you the condition of the filter and when it’ll need to be changed. You don’t need it, but it seems pretty useful to have.

Final Thoughts

The Roidmi NEX Storm is a fantastic vacuum that shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone looking for a quality vac. As a vacuum alone, the Roidmi NEX Storm can duke it out with the big boys but the inclusion of a mop attachment truly makes this something special. I don’t really know of any other vacuum on the market that is a 2-in-1 unit.

Like the previous vac, the new Roidmi NEX Storm is simple to use, easy to set up, and does a great job cleaning. And isn’t that what you want in a vacuum?

If you want your own Roidmi NEX Storm, it’s currently on Indiegogo and already fully funded. Expected delivery is set for September of 2019.

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