Palm Announces Unlocked Edition That Works With Most Major Carriers

Palm today announced that their minuscule, minimalist phone is available now to pre-order as an unlocked device that will work for most major carriers. This includes AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and MetroPCS. This is a standalone device that will need to have its own number and sim. All pre-orders will include free shipping and and a free Palm Leather Case with wrist and neck lanyards.

“The vision for Palm was always to provide a game-changing, high-quality product at an affordable price that puts the customer back in charge of their digital lives,” said Howard Nuk, co-founder at Palm. “Compact but powerful, Palm allows customers to focus on what really matters in life outside our screens.”

Palm designed this phone to appeal to those wanting to just carry their essentials, minimalists, and those parents wanting their children to stay connected but also with less distractions. Now almost anyone can enjoy a Palm thanks to the unlocked edition.

This unlocked edition includes all the latest software updates along with the latest camera and battery improvements.

Starting today, customers can place a pre-order for an unlocked version of Palm as a standalone smartphone device at $349.99 on Each order will get free shipping and for a limited time, each pre-order purchase will also come with a free Leather Case with neck and wrist lanyards (a $30 value).

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