Ultimate Ears is back with this summer with a familiar face with the next iteration of its super portable speakers with the Wonderboom 2. If anyone recalls its predecessor the WonderBoom its pretty loud for its size and you were able to pair it with another one.

This time around this newer model brings you a longer battery life at 13hrs, stronger IP67 rating and will feature true stereo sound with you being able to have left and right channels.

We got a chance to sit down and even venture outside with Ultimate Ears to get a quick listen of the new speakers. Compared to the older speakers they are louder, give off more bass, and the Outdoor Boost Mode does make a difference for your outdoor setting. We were on a rooftop and tried both modes and I can see the Outdoor Mode cuts down the bass but pushes the sound out more.

At first glance it looks like the past generation, but Ultimate Ears has made some tweaks. The carabiner style clip is still but easier to grip, the top buttons are easier to recognize and navigate and most importantly the fabric is slightly different providing a two-tone look. You can compare both the past and present right below.

WonderBoom meet WonderBoom 2.

From our quick try out with the WonderBoom 2 it looks to be a cool successor of sorts with its upgraded features especially its array of colors.

Best of all Ultimate Ears managed to keep the price down still hovering in at $99.99.

Its currently on pre-order in the U.S. while being available now in select areas of Europe. More places like Asia, Australia and New Zealand will get this summer.

WONDERBOOM 2 will be available in the following five colors: Deep Space Black (Black), Crushed Ice (Grey), Radical Red (Red), Bermuda Blue (Blue) and Just Peach (Pink).

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