Surprisingly its been five years since OnePlus first came onto the scene and they have vastly matured and grown extremely fast as a company. Great price points and even gaining a U.S. carrier in T-Mobile last Fall. Now what looks to be their most important release yet is the OnePlus 7 Pro. It checks a good amount of the marks OnePlus users have been clamoring for such as a high res display and killer camera. But does it come at a price to your pockets? And can finally be considered flagship killers?

Shimmering Styling

OnePlus started going into this styling class of glass with its OnePlus 6 series and it carried over elegantly to the OnePlus 7 Pro. There is the slightly smoky Mirror Gray and what I been most using the Nebula Blue with its shimmering blends of blue. When the light hits the device it’s a beauty. Gorilla Glass 5 surrounds the 7 Pro for that needed protection you need. In hand it is a rather tall phone and might be quite too large for some, but it fits my hands perfectly. Realistically putting it side by side with the Galaxy Note 9 is a centimeter or two wider and taller. If you can handle the Note 9 then the OnePlus 7 Pro should be a breeze for you. Phone isn’t slippery but you can always throw on a case if needed for added grip. There is a flavorful looking Almond colorway coming later down the line.

Headphone jack is still dead and gone but you can use Type C headphones if you care to. I ended up using wireless headphones all the time. Speaking of audio, the OnePlus 7 Pro is equipped with stereo speakers on the top and bottom and they don’t sound too bad and that’s in part to them working with Dolby. They pump and get loud especially when gaming or watching a quick flick.

Controls are still in the same spots with the volume toggle on the left and status slider and power button the right. The Dual Sim tray has been moved to the bottom right next to your Type-C port. Now be aware the T-Mobile version only has a single sim slot while the unlocked version is dual sim.

90Hz of Display Greatness

Now this is where the fun begins with the OnePlus 7 Pro and what makes it stand out. Its that luscious and vibrant display. First off, it’s their largest screen ever coming in at 6.67”, has an AMOLED display (2340×1080, 516ppi) w/ QHD resolution and the icing on top is the refresh rate of 90Hz. I usually tip my hat off to Samsung having the best displays on a smartphone, but 7 Pro may have taken that crown. You are getting a gorgeous screen top to bottom with virtually no bezel and no camera cutouts to obstruct your viewing pleasure. Some may not recognize how fast and fluid that 90Hz is, but it makes a nice difference. Night Mode is available as well for those late night users and you need to filter out some of that blue light.

Processor Power

Like most of the flagship smartphones you see this year, they are housed with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 chipset combined with an Adreno 640 GPU. Depending on your multitasking taste the OnePlus has options of RAM ranging from 6,8 and a massive 12GB while storage selections are 128 or 256GB. I have used both the 8GB and 12GB RAM versions and you are good with either one. I used the 8GB extensively for a week before jumping to 12GB and don’t too much a difference and haven’t encountered any slowdown.

OnePlus 7 Pro is rocking a 4,000mAh battery that utilizes their Warp Charge 30 tech. OnePlus still has the best fast charging smartphones around by all means. But this is if you use the included wire and charger. By doing so I have gotten the device from 10% back to 90% within about an hour. Sadly, there isn’t any wireless charging but with a phone that charges this fast you won’t miss it much.

As mentioned earlier T-Mobile has their own version that utilizes single sim while the unlocked uses Dual. I have been using the 7 Pro mainly with two networks such as my own personal carrier T-Mobile and then Verizon. They are capable of getting 4G LTE speeds and even at the same time if you are in a good service area. As I mentioned with the 6T, everyone doesn’t have two sims, let alone two different carriers but if you do you can take advantage.

I have used the OnePlus 7 Pro with T-Mobile to make calls, use data, Wi-Fi Calling, etc. Everything works perfectly fine. With Verizon I have done calls and used data with no issues. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi Calling for Verizon though.

T-Mobile has the 8GB/256GB model in Nebula Blue or Mirror Blue for $699.99 or $29.17/24mths.

Breathe the Oxygen OS

One of my favorite Android skins comes from OnePlus with Oxygen OS. It feels light but has so much hiding underneath. Its full of customization from how you want the display, the icons, audio codecs. You name it you can most likely find a configuration of some sort on the 7 Pro. Oxygen OS is sorely lacking an Always on Display feature though. Since there is no LED indicator if you don’t happen to be glancing at your phone and/or have the sound muted you won’t know if you have messages or notifications coming in. Other than that, I love it and I always tell OnePlus users to tinker around with the settings. Best of all the 7 Pro is running Android Pie (9.0) and will more than likely be one of the first to adopt Android 10 whenever it drops. They are great with updates too and when they hear an issue they get right on the case.

Screen Unlock works worlds faster on here than the OnePlus 6T with your fingerprint. I don’t see myself tapping the screen as much as before and seem to get it on the first try. I feel like it works better than the Galaxy S10 series of phones but then again, they are using an ultrasonic sensor. Also, unlike Samsung’s devices if your finger is wet it won’t recognize.

OnePlus has updated its gaming features, providing options to put it at the forefront of what you are doing. There is a great haptic vibration for screen presses and a RAM boost option if you need more power. 7 Pro is equipped with a cooling system to make sure it doesn’t overheat. I played some rounds of Fortnite and it held up without a hiccup or heat.

Triple Cameras with a Pop Up Front

7 Pro brings its first go around into Triple Camera territory with Ultra-Wide (16MP), Wide-Angle (48MP), and Telephoto (8MP) lens to play around with. This is their best camera setup yet but after using it the past few weeks I wouldn’t say it’s the best out there. Outdoors and well-lit shots tend to come out good and you get a more natural color tone to them rather than say that saturated colorful look of the Galaxy phones. So, this is all based on taste and what you may like. In darker areas the 7 Pro can get some cool shots with trial and error. Its low-light capabilities are far better than its predecessor at least.

So, for OnePlus to achieve that gorgeous display uninterrupted they happen to tuck the camera away inside via Pop-Up. Its 16MP and takes some detailed shots. It reveals itself in less than a second and the fact its hidden the lens stays clean most of the time. OnePlus has stated its durable and can last up to 5yrs on 150+ selfies every day. They showed a video with them hanging a weight on it and I even seen someone pop up a beer with it, but I’ll take their word for it.

Worth It?

I been using the OnePlus 7 Pro as my main device for the good part of three weeks and I have to say I love this device. It’s hard to put down and even when I run thru the battery, I can get it back up in no time. The 90Hz display is splendid and once you get used to it you may not want to go back to anything else. Not having an IP rating sucks so you don’t have any idea how far you can go with water resistance on the OnePlus 7 Pro. No LED indicator is a bummer and AOD is needed. The camera is cool, and you can achieve some great shots. Its not my favorite mobile camera but with it packaged in with everything else it will have to do.

The fact the OnePlus 7 Pro starts at $669 and only goes up to $749 is simply incredible. They continue to give you the best bang for your buck and have everything you need in a smartphone. If you can get a chance to check out the OnePlus 7 Pro you won’t be disappointed.

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