Recently, we got a chance to get a first look at FightCamp – a boxing gym in the comfort of your living room. From the jump, FightCamp promises to deliver a different kind of on-demand fitness product and service. Unlike some other services that bring in a stationary bike or internet-connected treadmill into your apartment, FightCamp hopes to bring the full boxing gym experience – well maybe without the sparring partner. 

FightCamp asked us to head out to a tiny studio apartment in NYC one muggy April afternoon to check out the system and go a few rounds with the training app. If you’ve ever wondered how to squeeze a boxing gym into a box here’s what you can expect: 

FightCamp Gym (Starter) 

  • FightCamp Punch Trackers 
  • Freestanding bag 
  • Boxing Gloves 
  • Quick Wraps 
  • Heavy Workout Mat 

The first thing that stood out to us was just how compact the entire system is. Heading into the demo we were a little apprehensive – we’re based in NYC and space comes at a premium. If we were to get hyped about FightCamp, it had to fit in small spaces. As we walked in, we were greeted by a 4-foot by 4-foot square with a heavy bag in the center. It was a fully sized, freestanding bag that fit in a room probably no bigger than 12’ long by 10’ wide.  

Now we were interested! 

Knowing that it can comfortably fit in most apartments, we were ready to go a few rounds with the FightCamp workout system. The key component is the FightCamp Punch Trackers – two motion trackers that sync up with your iPhone and FightCamp app to accurately capture not just how many punches are thrown, but their accuracy and power as well.  

The Punch Trackers are easily dropped into your quick wraps and fit snuggly in the included gloves. The trackers, wraps, and gloves work in tandem with the heavy bag. While you can probably capture some information without the use of a heavy bag, that’s where the magic lies – the system’s ability to not just track motion but impact as well.  

The Prospect Path 2.0 

The app brings your choice of trainers when you only have a few minutes to get a workout in. But unlike other at-home fitness apps/services, FightCamp’s Prospect Path feature adds the ability for users to learn boxing fundamentals (like punch combinations), proper technique, within 4-to-8 round training circuits. The latest version of the Prospect Path will track the total number of rounds completed, punches thrown, and how close you’ve come to completing your boxing journey.  

Pricing & Availability 

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the one-time equipment purchase must be seen as an investment. At $1095 for the starter pack (all of the items listed above) plus a $39/month membership fee, it can be a bit daunting to get started. Consider that the cost of a boxing gym membership averages around $90/month with typically high start-up/set-up fees tacked on.  

For $39/month, you have access to unlimited workouts and if you’re looking to get fit as a family, the app will keep track of each person’s workout stats on their individual device – all you need is one account.  

Currently, FightCamp is only available on iOS – sorry Fandroids; you can purchase the FightCamp Gym on their site with free delivery and payment options through Affirm on the FightCamp site.  

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