Marshall Gets You Ready For the Road with the Stockwell II and Tufton Personal Travel Speakers 

Ever since expanding into consumer audio, Marshall has brought along their classic guitar amp aesthetic and kick to headphones and personal speakers. This summer, Marshall is helping you bring the sounds of the season wherever you go with two new wireless travel speakers – the Stockwell II and Tufton. Whether you’re looking for an ultra portable speaker or enough power to shake the block, Marshall is rounding out their available options 

Marshall Portable Speaker (Range) Specs 

  • Minimum 20 hours playback (full charge) 
  • 30-foot connectivity range 
  • Water-resistant construction 
  • Multi-host functionality 
  • Quick charging 
  • Multi-directional sound 

Stockwell II Specs 

  • Compact Profile 
  • IPX4 Weather-resistance rating 
  • USB-C/USB-A Charging ports 
  • 6 hours of playback on a 20-minute charge 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 

Tufton Specs 

  • High-powered speaker; good for indoor/outdoor use 
  • Blumlein Stereo Sound 
  • IPX2 Weather-resistance rating 
  • 4 hours of playback on a 20-minute charge 
  • Bluetooth 5.0  

What To Look Forward To 

Starting with the Stockwell II, a super portable and lightweight Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a power bank is exactly what you need as a carry around that will be at home in the park, at cookout, or simply sharing your playlists with friends and family, the Stockwell II provides a lot of punch in a relatively tiny body. Its multidirectional speaker configuration allows every seat in the house to feel like the front row – no more having to huddle around a speaker.  

The Tufton is built for the block party, there’s no other way of describing the sound it pumps out. At Marshall’s “Hit the Road” event, we got a chance to hear it large, open-air lot-turned concert space and it was drawing the attention of people in the bar next door. If the biggest, baddest sound is what you’re looking for the Tufton is the way to go.  

Pricing and Availability 

Fans of the Kilburn II rejoice – along with the additions to the portable speaker line, the Kilburn got new colorway and is now available in grey. The extended family of portable speakers are available now on Marshall’s site. The Stockwell II, Kilburn II and Tufton are available for $249, $299 and $399, respectively.