Here in the states, Urbanears has been around for a good awhile I feel made popular being in retailer Urban Outfitters throughout the years. Their signature headphones have been the on-ear Platton series and when you see them you cant mistake them for anything else especially with its bold color portfolio.  Urbanears is finally getting into the Over-ear headphones market though with the “Pampas”. Once again bold colors and a distinct style compared to others on the market. How they fare? That remains to be seen and hopefully we a pair of musical cans to try out shortly. 

In the meanwhile you can check out the presser below alongside some photos of Urbanears next pair of headphones. 

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – May 6, 2019 – Swedish creative lifestyle brand Urbanears is releasing all-new premium, quality over-ear headphones, Pampas, for the discerning listener who refuses to compromise on audio experience or style. Urbanears success has been built on a few simple ingredients, premium but simplistic design, innovative features and color. Pampas is no exception to this formula, launching in three on-trend colors and offering optimized acoustics, coupled with an ergonomic design and 30+ hours of wireless playtime.

Pampas makes a bold statement with its oversized, unmistakable design. A tailored look with soft and rounded ergonomic shapes that feel like a natural extension of yourself. Wrapped in premium fabric, the plush headband works together with perfectly angled ear caps to fully cover your ears while minimizing pressure and promoting a beneficial sound environment.

The ideal sound accessory for home, work, and announcing yourself to your surroundings while shutting it out. Or simply anytime you crave an extra-long and rich listening session.

Key features


Almond Beige, Charcoal Black and Field Green.

30+ hours of Bluetooth playtime

Enjoy hours upon hours of cord-free listening all on a single charge. USB-C charging cable included.

Tailored comfort

Designed for extra-long listening sessions. Pampas offers a soft and tailored fit, with a cushioned headband and perfectly angled ear caps.

Optimized acoustics

Pampas recreates the sonic landscapes of your favorite music for a rich and immersive listening experience.

Instant music sharing

Equipped with an extra socket that lets you instantly share your music with a friend. Just plug in another pair of headphones and enjoy.

Collapsible design

Collapsible design for easy portability. Fold them up and be on your way.

Control knob

Skip tracks, adjust volume, and pick up calls on the go.

Pampas is available now for $149 and can be purchased at

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