Herschel Supply Company makes some dope messenger bags and backpacks. I’ve always been a fan personally so when Herschel Supply gave me the opportunity to check out their Barlow Large backpack. I didn’t hesitate.

I’m a resident NY’er, tech blogger and self identified geek. More often than not I’m traveling. I have to go all over NY. Whether I’m heading to work, a press event or even something social, I’ve found that as my life has gotten busier I end up carrying more things and the bag that I use is essential.

At any given time I could be carrying two or three phones, chargers, a battery pack, Nintendo Switch and depending on what I’m covering, a laptop. The Barlow backpack handles everything I need pretty well.

The Barlow backpack is tailored around carrying everything and support. You’ll notice just how much room you have once you open the bag. There’s a pullstring that you open the bag with and when you look inside you see the laptop holding section, elastic bands for charging cables or pens, a small pocket for a phone and a clip for your keys.

The Barlow comes equipped with two side pockets with tightening straps, A pocket on the flap and a waist strap (Which I’ve never used on a backpack) for additional support. It’s easy to be prepared for anything when you have this backpack and you’re going to be on a long day’s journey.

The best thing about the Barlow backpack that I didn’t notice right away was the pull out “Zero Rain Delay” cover on the underside of the bag. I actually found this by accident when I was on the train and coincidentally it just so happened to be a rainy day. I can’t tell you what this added bonus did for my impression of the bag.

Time and time again I’ve had bags that I’ve gotten caught in the rain with and while most of them did a halfway decent job of protecting what’s in my bag from getting wet, that hasn’t always been the case. I’ve suffered some damages to paperwork and gadgets being in my bag on a rainy day. The rain cover totally covers the bag and allows for water to just run right off and it adds an layer of protection that I hadn’t seen before. This doesn’t make the bag completely waterproof but it does give you extra time to get to where you’re going without having the inside of your bag be soaked.


Barlow large backpack at the office

The Herschel Supply Co Barlow Large Backpack is a great bag. It’s all purpose and it’ll give you most of what you need in an all day backpack. There are some cons I found the bag had but they weren’t too big of a deal.

For example, while the Barlow can carry a laptop up to 15″ it’s mostly suited for the Macbook pro 15″ or a smaller form factor laptop. I use an Acer Predator 15″ gaming laptop and while the Barlow can carry the bag with no problem, it’s fine for minimal use but overtime it won’t be so good because it’s a lot thicker and heavier than the Macbook Pro 15″, so that limits your options a bit. The pullstring for the opening kinda sucks as I would rather it have been a durable rubber cord with a pull clamp to better secure the opening. Last thing, not enough pockets for me although that’s a small thing.

All things considered though this is a bag that I would easily recommend to anyone because it’s a great bag, it comes in a bunch of colors and it’s fashionable. Quite a few people asked me where I got the bag from and compliments never hurt anyone. You can grab one from Herschel Supply Co HERE and it’ll run you about $120 bucks. Happy travels.

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