My GEKO Gear OwlScout
My GEKO Gear OwlScout

Dash Cams have come a long way since I started reviewing them several years ago. I’ve seen improvements to them year over year and 2019 is no different. This year, I’m starting to see more dash cams integrate second cameras into the main unit, making installation much easier. Of course this means that the second cam is mainly used for in-cabin recording. Take for example the latest dash cam I’m checking out from My GEKO Gear, the OwlScout Dual View dash cam.

My GEKO Gear OwlScout


The MY GEKO Gear OwlScout looks very much like other dash cams. It’s relatively small in size, has a 2.7-inch LCD display, a center mounted main full HD camera, and real buttons. What sets the OwlScout dash cam apart from others is the second camera protruding from the bottom.

This second camera is also a full HD camera but integrates infrared night vision technology to record in-cabin events more clearly in low light situations. Not only that, the second cam can also be adjusted by turning it left or right to adjust its recording angle.

Other notable design elements is the soft touch rubber coating on the OwlScout, which I haven’t seen before. Not sure exactly how this will last over time sitting in a hot car, but it does make the OwlScout look a bit more premium and at least feel less hot after hitting in the blazing sun. But again, I worry about how this finish will hold up over time.

Spec wise, the OwlScout features Sony Exmor sensors, built-in Wi-Fi, and GPS.

My GEKO Gear OwlScout


Installation is very simple with the My GEKO Gear OwlGear. You use the included suction cup mount to mount it to your windshield and then power is provided via a USB to 12V cable. You can either tuck the cable around your windshield and down the pillars and then under the dash to your power plug or just run it straight down. Either way, it doesn’t take much to get the My GEKO Gear OwlScout working.

From experience, the best place for you to mount your dash cam is in the middle of your windshield and preferably in a higher position.


Like most dash cams, the My GEKO Gear OwlScout is a set it and forget it device. What I mean by that is once you have it installed and where you like it, the rest is pretty automatic with virtual zero input needed on your part. The dash cam automatically starts recording every time you start your vehicle and turns off whenever you turn your car off.

With the car off however, the OwlScout can still record events while your away thanks in part to its built in Li-ion battery.

Also like most dash cams, the OwlScout will also loop record where it’ll start overwriting old data with new data when the memory card starts to run out of space. It comes with a 16gb card but you’ll most likely want to use one that much bigger than that to save more data. You don’t have to worry about the OwlScout overwriting important data however at it’ll automatically save what it perceives as hits or bumps to a protected folder.

Video quality is pretty good too as it does record in full 1080p HD, but at 30fps. This is on par with most dash cams as it is still rare to find one that records in 4K. What you will like though is that because the OwlScout has built-in GPS, you’ll see the location as well as your speed watermarked on your video.

The OwlScout does record both cameras at once, but as separate videos. Both videos are synced to each other and both files on your memory card will be side by side. That means if you watch the video of the main cam, you can find the corresponding video of the interior cam adjacent to it and synced to the same time.

Lastly, there is Wi-Fi on the OwlScout. You’ll need to download the corresponding app on iOS or Android to make use of it.

My GEKO Gear OwlScout

Final Thoughts

The My GEKO Gear OwlScout is a pretty good dash cam if you’re looking for a dual cam unit. I like the fact that it’s an all-in-one and while this won’t exactly record what’s going on behind your car, this would be a great dash cam for ride sharing individuals and those who want to record in-cabin events.

Not only that, the My GEKO Gear OwlScout also features both Wi-Fi and GPS making this a vary full featured dash cam. On top of that, having two cameras built-in already trumps a lot of other dash cams out there that only have one camera.

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