If you know me besides the usual love for tech, I have a big thing for movies. I enjoy the visuals, ideas and for better or worst the experiences with others. To achieve the latter I like to hit the theaters a good deal and it can be quite costly seeing a new flick weekly especially during blockbuster summer season.

Now you might have heard of MoviePass which I tried back in its infancy six years ago and sadly it hasn’t changed since and even went thru a hellish period for its own customers last summer changing its TOS numerous times on the fly. Luckily though AMC seen this need for a “All You Eat” of sorts movie subscription service and dubbed it “A List”. Now A-List has been around since last summer, but I went ahead and finally subscribed to it this past January and let you know how its been for me months later and if you should snag it up.


How Much Is it?

SAMC Stubs A List Monthlyo, first off depending on your area AMC A-List 
start at $19.95 and I have seen as high as $23.95.  At $19.95 you get access to up to 35 states while $23.95 you catch a flick in every state. When I signed up it was $19.95 right before the price hike for all states.

Now the way A-List works is that you pay this monthly fee which allows you the ability to watch up to three movies a week. That can be three in a day, back to back to back, however way you want to consume. The counter resets every Friday so you can start over. If you play your cards right, you can take in up to 12 movies a month.

Now the big question is what kind of movies can you see with this membership? How about any format that AMC carries? That ranges from the regular digital showings to the big boys such as IMAX, Dolby Cinema, Real3D, BigD and even AMC’s own Prime. Now if you ever check the prices on those showings one ticket alone is $26+. So, going to see even one with A-List you have saved money. That’s what happen with me. My friends wanted to see Aquaman which was $26 in IMAX and I signed up for the A-List paying only $20 and still being able to see other flicks that month.


How Do I Pick My Movies?

Picking your movie is easy as it can be done either thru the iOS or Android AMC apps that you may already be using or via the AMC website. All you do is pick a movie, time, seat and it will recognize you are an A-Lister and discount the showing for you. When you get to the theater you just show them the ticket via the app and your ID. Yes, you will be in most cases be asked to show your ID to verify its your acct so no sharing folks.


So, while I mainly got A-List to watch the big blockbusters and at the premium theaters I have found myself using it to go see lesser films I wouldn’t have necessarily found the need to spend money on. Which in a sense is good as it will expand your moviegoing experience I have also used it to see how other theaters are in case I want to frequent it more.

Since starting out with it in the beginning of the year I have used to watch three movies in January, two in February, two in March, seen Shaazam this month, got Avengers: Endgame in queue and John Wick 3: Chapter 3-Parabellum RSVPed for next month in May. 

You can use it to RSVP a seat for a showing that is even a few weeks or a month in advance. It will just limit your weekly movie intake taking up a spot. For instance, I did that for Alita: Battle Angel and could only watch two movies a week till I got to that showing. Right now I only have one slot available thanks to Avengers and John Wick pending. 


Is it Worth It?

I highly recommend it to those that frequent the movies often going at least 2x monthly or even if you go once a month to saw the premium shows like IMAX or Dolby Cinema. Only thing I wish they had a referral program as I have gotten a decent number of friends to sign up and love it by the way. Also, the iOS app seems to work better than the Android app at times. If you have a movie viewing crew get them to sign up as well, save some bread put that on some snacks and take your flick watching to another level.

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