The North American League of Legends Championship Series is ramping up towards the season splits’ end.

Team Liquid just got a 3-0 semi-finals victory over FlyQuest and now top sportsbooks like Bovada and Heritage Sports have Liquid as -1.5 game favorites over TSM, meaning they are expected to win by two games.

With League of Legends action going on all around the globe and the World Championship in sight, who are the top teams in North America?

It’s Down to Two

There are only two teams left standing in the NA LCS (North American League of Legends Championship Series), TSM & Team Liquid. So, right off the bat, we know the two best teams this season.

Liquid is sitting at 12-6 and recently destroyed FlyQuest in the semis. The first game was fairly close with Team Liquid getting 15 kills to FyQuest’s 12. Impact led the way with 4 kills and 5 Assists. But everyone on the team contributed, Xmithie got 3 kills, Jensen had 3, Doublelift 3, and even Core JJ snuck in 2 kills.

The Second game was completely lop-sided. FlyQuest Managed a couple of kills but that is all. No towers, inhibitors, etc … nothing else. It was sheer domination. Liquid smashed through them with 9 kills, along with 9 Towers, a pair of Dragons and Inhibitors, and a Baron.

Game 3 didn’t go any better for FlyQuest. They managed to pull out a couple more kills, totaling 4, but they were swarmed by Liquid, again posting 9 Towers and this time getting 13 kills to set them up for an appearance in the Spring Split’s Finals.

TSM got taken to all five games by Cloud9. Cloud9 started out hot and took Game 1 from TSM. They controlled the battlefield with 7 Towers and 3 Dragons to TSM’s sole Tower and ended up smashing through the first round with 11 kills to TSM’s 5.

Game 2 was even more dominant for Cloud9. They completely dominated TSM with Licorice getting 5 of Cloud9’s kills. But then something happened in Game 3. TSM rallied back to and took their first victory of the series, managing 19 kills.

They found their groove in Game 4 and wiped Cloud9 around the battlefield, Akaadian, playing as RekSai posted 8 kills and 6 assists. Game 5 was an all-out battle, but the overwhelming amount of Turrets that TSM was able to put up made all the difference and they move on to face team liquid in the Finals.

Cloud9 didn’t make the Finals, but they still have the second-best match record (11-7) in the NO LCS, so there is no relegation looming for them. FlyQuest, sits in fourth at 10-8 and Echo Fox, 100 Thieves also have 10-8 match records and sit in 5th and 6th respectively. OpticGaming pulled the No. 7 spot leaving CounterLogic Gaming, Clutch Gaming, and Golden Guardians bound for relegation.

On April 13th, we’ll get to see who stands on top of the Spring Split, furthering their path towards the World Championship. Will it be Team Liquid or Team SoloMid?

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