Life is Strange 2 Episode 2

Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 is no different from Life is Strange 2 Episode 1. It is filled with excitement and a detailed storyline. Episode 2 continues Daniel and Sean’s journey on the run except for this time Sean is assisting Daniel with honing in on his powers. This while still trying to guide him as an older brother. You can see how their bond has grown from episode 1 to now. Daniel has a greater trust for Sean since learning about the death of his father. He takes it as far as accepting Sean’s guidance in situations that he is unclear on how to handle. Daniel has greatly improved in knowing how to control his powers. It starts off with them practicing by the water, moving rocks and other items to later saving a neighbor and grandparent.

Story Line:

Daniel lifting a Rock

The character development in this game is what makes this game fun to play. Watching Daniel understand his powers and how Sean tries to help him as an understanding older brother truly makes for great TV. The opening scene is just what the ending scene was in episode 1, Sean and Daniel training by lifting rocks. Sean, trying to convince Daniel to lift larger rocks but Daniel struggling with larger ones. Later Sean and Daniel decided it would be best if Sean tests Daniels skill by throwing snowballs at him. You have the opportunity to decide whether to hit Daniel with the snowball or throw it in his direction. The idea is for Daniel to block using powers or throw it back at you using his powers. Naturally the first hits Daniel if you select that option, he returns the second one you throw. Your selection just like in the first one builds a bond or creates friction.

Sean and Daniel’s bond has changed substantially, at one-point Daniel even plays a trick on Sean using his powers. He makes him think someone is at the back door. They have taken refuge in an abandoned cabin, they have stumbled upon in the woods. Daniel raises a blanket in the shape of a person startling Sean. It nice to see how they can take the time to play pranks and laugh together. It’s a true sign of how things have changed since Seattle. Sean has grown into his role as a caretaker and provider to Daniel and an older brother. As they decide to continue to venture off, mushroom their dog needs to go out and Daniels follows behind. They are both gone for a few, causing Sean to be concerned. Which he heads out to find, following footprints and what he comes across to be blood. Finding Daniel confronting what looks like a mountain lion, holding mushroom in his mouth. You are tasked with allowing Daniel to hurt the animal or simply to let the animal get away and take Mushrooms limp body with him. To watch Sean and Daniel suffer another loss and how they handle the situation tells a little into the direction the rest of the story will go.


Sean and Daniel come across a house that looks nice and quaint, at first your wondering whose house is that. To later find out that it is their grandparents’ home, on their mothers’ side. The interaction at first is a little distant but welcoming in an odd sort of way. You can tell the grandparents have an idea on what is going on and don’t want to let them in, but feel obligated to do so. You can’t really blame them too much as they are old and really don’t need any trouble with the law. Daniel to the rescue in the odd situation, he coughs grandmother notices, instant maternal instinct kicks in.

I have to be honest I could not help but wonder if the grandparents would turn them in. As much as they seemed like they wanted to help, it was still in an odd way. It turns out that was not the case, they truly wanted to assist. They did, however, hide some vital information from Sean and Daniel regarding their mother and her location. The boys find out that their mother reached out to the grandparents after finding out about the Seattle incident. She asked the parents to look out for the boys if they should decide to come to visit. Which worked out as the grandfather was later trapped beneath a faulty cabinet that you have to decide if Daniel should reveal his secret and save him or not.

Things I didn’t Like:

Captain Spirit and Daniel

As much as I enjoyed the story and the character growth, it was a little bland at times. Episode 2 did not have as much excitement as Episode 1, which I understand why in a way. I still wanted more action too keep things interesting.. Life on the road takes you down different experiences and to truly show how the boys handle those experiences, to show how much they have grown from previous experiences is important. I think my only true issue is the span of when the episodes are released. I get it, the story has to be built. After I finish an episode, I have to wait a long time before finding out what happens next. I kind of want more right at that moment. Sean and Daniel have become a part of me and knowing what situation they find themselves in next. Talks of Episode 3: Wastelands being released in early May, has me excited.

Things I Liked:

This game has grabbed my attention and started me off on a story that I want and need to know the end result. It truly takes you on the journey with Sean and Daniel. I am extremely glad that I decided to#1 play this game and #2 write about it. To watch Daniel, create new bonds with Neighbors and try to live a normal life as a special kid is something. To also watch Sean guide Daniel on when to use his powers and when not to is only growth for him and his future character.

The next journey that will come in Episode 3 I am sure will take things in a different direction with Episode 2. Daniel saves the neighbor by catching him as he is about fall from his tree house ladder. This creates a friendship, Daniel makes the neighbor think he has powers. You would think would be harmless until its time to leave and the neighbor jumps in front of the police car to use those powers. Again placing Daniel in a situation where he is not sure if he has lost another person he cares about or not. He even argues that fact with Sean during their escape.

Final Thoughts:

Life is Strange Episode 2 was not the most exciting thing to play all the time. However, it does give a direction of all the different scenarios of what two young boys would experience in the open round. It shows the different people they would encounter and how that would affect them. It also shows how going to visit family while on the run can always bring other types of problems.

At times as gamers, we want character growth but don’t want to let the story show that growth. Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 does just that. It takes on the journey with Sean and Daniel, it allows us to not only see how they have grown individually, or grown as a team but also shows how they have grown and brothers. A bond that cannot be broken when faced with adversity. I am always left wanting and needing more from this game. If you have not checked it out I highly recommend it.

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