For anyone who drives a lot and depends on their smartphone while on the road, you need a phone mount. Phone mounts can range from simple grip type mounts to magnetic mounts. The thing is, it’s 2019 and those type of mounts belong in the stone age. What you need now is not only a phone mount, but a phone mount that can wirelessly charge your phone at the same time. You need something like the new PureGear AutoGrip Wireless Car Charger and Phone Mount.

This isn’t the first wireless charging phone mount I’ve looked at nor will it be the last. The PureGear AutoGrip is however the coolest car mount & wireless charger I’ve used thanks mostly to the really neat, auto gripping mechanism it has. You see, this one is motorized and grips your phone automatically when the charging pad senses contact with a Qi-enabled phone. Also, it will only close when the charging points line up.

Setting up the PureGear AutoGrip is a breeze. First you need to figure where the charging point on your phone is and then adjust the support base to the right height. Once that’s done, tighten up the back where the screw is on the vent clip and adjust the viewing angle. The vent clip then goes on any open air vent flap and then just flip the little lever on top to tighten the grip. Lastly plug in the included USB-C cable to the PureGear AutoGrip and the included Qualcomm 3.0 car charger and you’re good to go.

For the most part, the PureGear AutoGrip is very neat. The powered auto grip mechanism works quite well and has a solid hold on your phone. I also had no trouble with it charging my phone up. This thing works on pretty much any sized phone and should have no trouble working on even the largest of devices. The only thing is that it will only really work with phones that are Qi-enabled. Non-wireless charging phone need not apply.

That brings me to a couple downsides to the PureGear AutoGrip that you need to be aware of. This thing needs power to work which means that if it’s not powered up, it will not close or open. That means that if you’re using it and you turn off the car, you’ll need to turn the car back on to remove your phone because it will not open if there’s no power running through it. Secondly, while it will automatically close to hold your phone, you have to push a button on the back to have it open and release. This isn’t automatic. Those two points are pretty much the only real drawbacks to a powered phone mount, you just have to get used to it and remember to do everything before shutting your car off.

Aside from that, I’m really digging the PureGear AutoGrip. It’s a real head turner because of the automatic gripping function. The unit is pretty solid too and made really well. The vent clip is strong and easy to operate and once you have that support base adjusted to your device, you shouldn’t need to mess with it anymore. As for the motorized grip, it’s pretty strong, though the only thing I worry about is how reliable it’s going to be down the line after months or years of use and abuse. Only time will tell. Until then, the PureGear AutoGrip is a great addition to anyone’s vehicle who has a Qi-enabled smartphone.

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