Since the arrival of mobile gambling, the industry has had some tremendous growth and operating online casinos have generated massive amounts of revenue just by offering mobile platforms to players. In fact, the mobile gambling industry has grown so much that many operators focus on the offering of a mobile platform before an online casino. The mobile gambling industry started to boom when the first iPhone was introduced in 2007 and since that time, smartphones and tablets have accounted for much of the revenue generated by online gambling sites and apps. In 2018, mobile gaming has generated 80% of revenue for operators and this is expected to rise even more in the coming years.

Multi-Billion Dollar Market by 2021
In the past ten years, the mobile gaming industry has gone from being one of the smallest gambling segments to the largest and by 2021, it is believed it will be a multi-billion dollar industry. Mobile gamblers from all over the world are now able to easily and safely connect with casino sites. While some countries still block access to online gambling sites, the rise of VPNs and its IP-changing features have negated governmental interference. Hence, more users can now play games for real money and with the many advances in technology, these games have become so life-like that many players actually prefer gambling using a mobile device over visiting a local land casino.

Existing online casinos that offer a mobile platform like will continue to expand and grow, offering more games, better features, innovative bonus rounds, and even VR gambling options in the coming years. The mobile gambling industry is on the fast track to major success and there are no signs of it slowing down.

One reason for the continued growth and increase in revenue is the regulations in various countries. Those that had prohibited online and mobile gambling in the past are now starting to legalize these options, so there will be more sites opening and more mobile platforms available in the coming years. The US is one of those countries, now offering residents of certain states the ability to place real money wagers on casino games using a mobile device. Many of these also combine sportsbooks with the casino offerings, so there are even more chances to wager and win.

Millions Prefer Mobile Casinos Over Online Casinos
Another reason the industry is expected to continue growing is that many players actually prefer to play casino games on their smartphones or tablets. This allows them instant access no matter where they are and with so many platforms supporting all operating systems, anyone with an internet connection can engage in real money betting at any time.

Mobile casinos are the future of gambling and leading software developers are always working to develop new mobile-friendly games that feature stunning graphics, smooth gameplay, and amazing payout opportunities. As the number of titles increase, even more players will be drawn to mobile platforms over standard online gambling options. Studies have shown that more than 60% of players with registered online casino accounts use the mobile app instead of the online casino.

Enhancements to Expect with Mobile Games
Not only will the industry produce more titles and great betting options, but the games themselves will be more enhanced. Many mobile casinos are already offering live dealer games, where players can interact with others and play a game in real-time. The next stage of advancement for many operating sites is the offering of virtual reality casino games. Mobile platforms are already the choice for many, but when VR becomes an option at more sites, mobile gambling will take a giant leap and will surely be the main source of revenue for thousands of operating casino sites around the globe.

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