Sooo you know what’s funny? I haven’t done one of these since 2008/2009. I literally had to search the site to find the post I did to see what I talked about back then. I read that post (if you are curious what I talked about back in 2008/2009 see here) and wow times have changed. I also noticed that there were things mentioned that we never really gained traction on. But what is really fitting and why I find it funny is when I found that post, it was me talking about the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. You see we have made some changes to G Style for this year and I had the urge to do this type of post again. Find me surprised when I see exactly 10 years later, I would be talking about the end of 2018 and going into 2019. Ten years exactly! It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t something on the scheduled pipeline. It was something I did back then and haven’t done since and now 10 years later the thought to do it again popped into my head. I find that very interesting. So, let’s do it like it 2008 hahah (with a new picture of me now lol).

We ended 2018 with about 447 posts for the year and we have reviewed everything from smartphone, to tablets, to cars, smart home tech, and even a motorcycle or two. Back in 2008 we had been newly reborn using WordPress for our platform after a hiatus when my daughter was born, now this month my daughter will be turning 12 and will be featured in a new vertical we have coming to our network of properties. Back then we were talking about the launch of our mobile site ( which is no longer active) and now we no longer need it as our site is responsive and the screen view adjusts with the devices you are navigating the site with. And those devices have sure changed. Then it was about Blackberry and we had just launched our own custom Blackberry theme, now we routinely review still a few Blackberry devices out there but mainly Apple and Android devices now a days. Last year we looked at everything from the Google Pixel 3 to the OnePlus 6T. Watch smartphones battle on the camera front while trying to ever push for ways for them to stand out among the crowd. Back then we gave away an Apple iPod Nano and this year we are looking to hold giveaways every month (more on that later). Some promises made in 2008 never really got traction as well, like more videos. It has taken us 10 years but now this is finally a focus for us. We have someone on staff to be able to start capturing more footage and putting it together. We even got a few first videos out here and here, and more is to come in 2019.

But that was in the past, what’s new for 2019. For one we have may a few small site changes. We have retooled our homepage to highlight more content from our various sections right on the front, so you won’t to go digging to find some of the latest stuff. Speaking of those sections we have merge a few categories under new banners for the year. Now our focuses are Always Mobile, Just Drive, Let Us Entertain You, G Style Gaming, and Connected Home. These are the core areas G Style Magazine will be grouping our content. And then there will be more videos coming, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have also launched a Patreon account. Patreon provides us a way to reach out to you guys for support, if you like what we do and want to support the movement this allows you to do it. We have a video below explaining a little and you can see more/sign up at this link –

Now if you do choose to support what we do, we have some cool perks coming your way. Below are a few examples of things to expect when becoming one of our Patrons.

– Automatic entrance into our monthly giveaways for small and big-ticket items. (Depending on tier level)
– Some swag sent your way to show us you are a member of #AllTheCoolGeeks
– Advanced access to new videos we put up before they hit YouTube (Depending on tier level)
– Advance access to some posts before we put them on our site.
– Content Requests – Have something you would like us to review? Or something we previously reviewed, want us to do a follow-up or touch more on something specific.

And we’ll definitely be adding more or tweaking perks. We’ll use this to have a deeper conversation with you about the stuff you want to see and more. Have a look at the page and we hope you’ll take the journey with us. 2019 is about to kick off to an exciting start as next week some of us will be in Las Vegas, NV for CES 2019 and can’t wait to see what will be shown off there. What we see, we’ll definitely share with you! Thank you immensely for your support and we hope you will continue supporting on! Happy New Year’s guys!

Jason “VerSe” Anderson

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