What can I say to wrap the year up? This has been a great year for G Style Magazine. I have been running G Style Magazine for 3 years now, one year with us being on hiatus for 9 months when the birth of daughter came. This year was the reactivation of G Style. We switched to the WordPress platform in October 2007, and we have never looked back. We will end this year with over some 400+ posts, and will have even more to come in the 2009.

This year also seen our addition to the channel library of Viigo and a page on Facebook. Also us celebrating our 3rd anniversary in the business, and what a celebration it was that month. We ended that month with over 20,000 visitors, launched our mobile site (http://m.gstylemag.com), released our first Blackberry theme, the Generation One thanks to our friends at eVeek.com, and even gave away one of the new iPod Nanos that had just came out thanks to Apple. It was a great month!

It was also a great year as we grew our readers by an amazing and still unbelievable 850% !! That was amazing, what started with a simple post with a exclusive picture of Diddy & Cassie, turned into new viewers who liked what we were doing, kept coming back and also told others and our base grew! We have to thank you all for the support and hope you keep supporting us in the 2009.

We also saw a lot happen this year in CE. There was the launch of the first Android based mobile phone the T-Mobile G1, the second coming of the Apple iPhone, now with 3G. Then there was the best Blackberry to ever been built so far, the Blackberry Bold. There was also Michael Phelps winning in all his HD glory, and so many others, this was a great year for CE. And we can’t wait to see what the new year brings!

So what is there to look forward to in the 2009? First that we will continue to bring you what is hot, trendy, stylish, & fashionable in consumer technology. That is our mandate, and we will live and die by it! Also we will dive in video more, now is the perfect time. YouTube has gone HD, Vimeo does HD, even our page on Facebook does it, so now is the time to put out more videos, since we can do them in HD and HD is just cool! We will also keep that video going with our "Did You See…This Week Series?" Where we shows cools does that were in HD that week, with summaries and even the episode in the post, so if you missed it you can catch up.

So again thank you for supporting us and thank you for being apart of this movement! May you have a wonderful Christmas & a very happy and safe New Years. We will see you guys in the 2009!

Jason "VerSe" Anderson
G Style Magazine
"The Future of Fashionable Technology!"

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