The Black Armory was the latest update for Annual Pass owners of Destiny 2 and while that event has come and gone it doesn’t mean that Bungie is done with adding content. Last week Bungie brought back the Dawning event during the weekly reset once again for the holiday season and as it’s always been, it’s about mini quests, new holiday armor, emotes, ghost shells, sparrows and all of the things that encompass the fun of the Christmas holiday.

What makes the Dawning so much fun to get involved with is in the fact that it’s almost silent and seamless. That means you’re participating in the event just by playing Destiny 2. This is a good thing because it doesn’t give you the sense that you have to add another event to the list of quests and the overall grind that you’re trying to get through already. This is not the intention of The Dawning. It’s just a few cool things to do in your spare time that’ll get you some exclusive stuff so you don’t look too much like every other guardian out there. This Dawning event Eva Levante is back in the mix and at the Tower and she has a bunch of cookies for you to bake and deliver to every important member of the Vanguard and friends of the Guardians for the holidays in exchange for loot.

In total there are 12 cookies to bake and once you complete the baking you get a masterworked oven and then you’re open to new bounties that led to powerful engrams so it’s worth it to do IF you don’t wish to deal with the grind of the forge and getting forge weapons which can be time consuming and difficult if you aren’t up to level. It’s a nice buffer to the Black Armory and with Bungie making changes to the reset yesterday to ensure that players under 600 light can get more drops at higher light levels it’s even more enticing to play during The Dawning. If you’re a crucible PvP type of person then don’t forget about Mayhem mode. That’s always guardian killing fun with practically unlimited supers. Good job Bungie. I am enjoying myself with The Dawning despite me not liking the Black Armory grind so much but with all the goodies from The Dawning it’s not so bad to getting into D2 for the next week.

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