Have you ever browsed through an edition of the Guinness Book of World Records? We’re sure you will find the most bewildering records related to any kind of activity. Some examples? Bernd Schmidt from Germany entered the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest mouth in the world. In fact he is able to eat a sandwich containing three patties with a single bite. While Dimitri Panciera from Italy owns the singular record for the largest number of ice-cream balls stacked on a single cone: 121. Really, you can find everything in the Guinness Book of Records, obviously including games, even roulette. Today, however, we introduce the 34 years-old Hakam Karim from Bahrain, better known on the Playstation Network as Hakoom, who just recently entered the Guinness World Records for something related to his crazy passion for video games on Playstation.

Hakoom has indeed reached the record number of 1,700 Platinum Trophies obtained in his long career as a video gamer. For those who don’t know what we are talking about, Platinum trophies on Playstation games mean having obtained all the other trophies included in a video game and therefore usually indicates that the gamer reached 100% completion of a certain title. Hakam Karim has therefore achieved this for as many as 1700 times in these years!

During an interview, the player also revealed which trophy he is more proud of: “There are many trophies that I’m proud of but what I remember most is that of Max Payne 3, a trophy that required me to complete it without ever dying. I am most proud of the skill and dedication I have shown, because in order to get it I spent about 20 hours playing.” It’s called The Shadows Rushed Me and it’s a silver trophy that requires you to stay alive for the whole game but also to complete each single chapter in 60 seconds within a particular mode that adds 5 seconds for every killing and 6 for every headshot. You can be assured this is something really tough.

Karim still remembers that the first trophy obtained in his “career” was in Super Stardust while his first Platinum came with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. His skill in obtaining the Platinums also helped him to earn a few extra dollars as some players pay him for the information and advice needed to platinate games, even spending important amounts of money.

The incredible amount of Platinum obtained has inevitably attracted accusations by people who think he took advantage of shared accounts or used other tricks, but Karim defends himself: “All those who accused me of cheating have never produced any evidence to support what they say. They just say that I hack games, that I have a team helping me buy they do it without proof. People love to make scenes in comments, as they would do in their life. They tell me that I should get a life, but indeed they don’t have one”.

So let’s express our most heartfelt congratulations to Hakam Karim for entering with merit the Guinness Book of Records, establishing a record that will be difficult to beat, as the gamers know all too well.

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