Yesterday in New York City, Google announced a new set of hardware devices. But honestly you already know this. Not just because I’m sure a bunch of sites made their posts all day yesterday, but because most of these items have been leaked to death well before the event. So while we all knew not only was the Pixel 3 coming, but many of the specs as well. Additional while there were some leaks about the new Google Pixel Slate and the Google Home Hub, this wasn’t as leaked as the Pixel 3 and still have some newsworthiness. So let’s talk about it some, we’ll save the Pixel 3 for last.

Google Home Hub

I figure I’d start with the most interesting to me and this is the Google Home Hub. After the Amazon Echo Show, it was a matter of time we’d see a smart speaker with a screen with Google Assistant. The first out the gate were ones from Lenovo and JBL, but now it is time for Google version and it looks great. Though it leaked and we knew it was coming, seeing it in person makes a different. From images I seen and even during the presentation I thought the Home Hub was bigger than it actually turned out to be. In person it is actually quite small, but not too small to be not useful. It is a great size which can be placed anywhere without taking up too much space. I see the Google Home Hub as perfect for bedroom locations, and any place where you would have put an alarm clock or small device to see the time. It has some cool features like and for $149, it is perfect place in the mus have impulse buy arena or as a great gift for someone else.

Google Pixel Slate

While we knew this was coming and I learned of the name via a leak right before the show, the Google Pixel Slate we didn’t hear much detail about. It was great to discover more about this actually at the show. Starting at $599 the Pixel Slate is a tablet that runs on Google Chrome OS. The Pixel Slate offers a powerful desktop experience with a long-lasting battery. It is an attractive device and looks good for work or entertainment. Now while we do like this device, it will close you for the entire setup. The base model is $599, but the separate keyboard and Google Pen tool, will close you an extra $199 and $99, bringing this around $900 before taxes. At that point, you are in Pixelbook territory as well and while they haven’t updated this device yet, it is still already great device to have. Decisions…decisions!

Google Pixel 3

Okay what is there to say about this that hasn’t been known, seen, or hasn’t leaked for it already haha. It is now official and the Pixel 3 will start at $799, with the XL starting for $899 for the 64GB storage model. It goes up some if you want to bump up to 128GB. Both share the same hardware with some difference in the battery size. Both come in colors Just Black, Clearly White, and Not Pink. Google is offering you 6 months free of YouTube Music Premium when you buy one. Now if you aren’t a fan of the notch, you’ll be happened to know that it is just limited to the XL model, as the 5.5inch size doesn’t have this.

Thinking about getting a Pixel 3, then you’ll also want to pick up the accessory announce for it with the Pixel Stand. Costing $79, the Pixel Stand was designed for the Pixel 3 and allows you to wirelessly charge your phone. It can do a bit more as well and we’ll talk about that in our review post for the Pixel 3 coming soon.

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