In this day and age everyone likes their stuff personalized whether its clothing, cases but what about drinks? Ripples has been around for a little bringing personalized experiences to the beverage category first with Coffee and then Beers. Now they are bringing that over to another section of desired drinks which is cocktails. This is being done with their new device called the Ripples PM Maker. PM representing when folks like to consume beers and cocktails which is in the evening but I mean there maybe some early drinkers(ha).

Ripples PM Maker was made in mind for cocktail drinks but also works for beers as well. It has a mechanism which allows for it to know what size the glass is and if not aligned properly wont go forward. What Ripples does is allows you to create photos or messages across the foamy tops of your beverages. It works via 3D printing tech which allows it to replicate the images or text it sees in the machine.

Ripples held a happy hour a the Ty Bar in the Four Seasons Hotel here in NYC. I had provided them our G Style logo ahead of time as they present it in their catalog of images which is actually pretty easy to navigate. But Ripples also gives you other options as well. Using either their app or Facebook Messenger you can upload images to the app or messenger and select your Ripples location. I tried it via Facebook Messenger and it was pretty quick and popped up on the device within a matter of moments. All i did was take a selfie photo and upload it and tada. Interestingly enough I figured a photo would take longer but Ripples created my selfie within about 10 seconds.

I think it’s a great idea to have for parties and events as it can bring those fun moments which can shared amongst friends and family and even further the world. It would be a gem for bars and coffee shops where they wouldn’t have to shout out names and you can see your drink right on the spot.

Ripples as of right is mainly for restaurants and bars but hopefully down the line Ripples would like it to be available on a more consumer level. If you are interested in checking out Ripples you can download the app via iOS or Android and see if you have a participating Ripples user in your area.

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