If you seen as of late one of my favorite gadgets to use isn’t no one of the latest smartphones but instead a Nintendo Switch. Having picked one up last year primarily for Super Mario Odyssey I found myself more in love with the console then I could have imagined. Games run good, library are diverse and the fact it’s portable. One gripe with the Switch is it doesn’t have the strongest battery with its 4,130mAh capacity. So this is where MyCharge comes into play with its PowerGame Charging Pack. It’s slated to give you a little over 1 ½ times power(10 hrs) but does it really keep you gaming on the go?


There is nothing fancy about the PowerGame Charging Pack as its colored in all black and is about the shape of a slightly curved brick. It has two ends with the bottom housing a Type C USB port for placing the Nintendo Switch on while the top is a bit more hooked and is for locking in the console. On the back is a Lock/Unlock latch to keep it in place. Since you are using this power pack it technically blocks the Switch’s kickstand but luckily it has its own. Similar to the Switch’s it doesn’t feel the strongest when pulling out but it manages to hold up the system without issue. On the right side of the PowerGame is where you would plug in the included Type C cable or your own to charge it. When charging or using the PowerGame the LED lights will be lit indicating how much power is left.


For the past few weeks I have brought the PowerGame with me instead of lugging around a power plug and adapter and the results have been pretty stellar. As mentioned the PowerGame has brought over a full charge and a half to my Switch or has kept its power level steady while gaming. Thankfully the PowerGame isn’t heavy weighting less than half a pound and latches on to the Switch so no issues with wires everywhere. This helps with the portability aspect and you can easily game without issue. If you have cases on your Switch you may have to remove them depending since it attached right on. Luckily(or maybe not) I don’t have a case on my device so it’s no problem. The PowerGame can be a bit annoying to first get on but once you get used to adding and removing its easy and pretty routine.


MyCharge has always been good with cable management on their battery packs and they also achieved this with the PowerGame. Having it become a type of cradle for the Nintendo Switch helps and thankfully you don’t feel the added weight too much. Only thing I would have liked on the PowerGame is maybe a button to indicate how much power was left on it so you can charge it back to full capacity when needed. MyCharge’s PowerGame is a worthy accessory to your Switch and can be purchased for a reasonable $49.99.

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