You’ve probably noticed that in recent years, the traditional USB port is becoming more and more scarce as companies begin replacing them with the newer and smaller, USB-C ports. This is true with many laptops these days, tablets, and even smartphones. Laptops especially have seen a decrease in standard USB ports where I’ve seen some that don’t even have any and only have USB-C ports. Apple MacBooks are like this now as well as many Windows based laptops and tablets such as Microsoft’s own Surface. That means that now, more than ever do we need accessories that utilize USB-C ports, such as the Satechi USB-C > UHS-II Card Reader.

You might ask, why would I need a card reader if there are laptops out there that have card readers built in. Well, there are ones that don’t have built in ones and ones that only come with either an SD card reader or a Micro SD card reader, not both. For instance, I have an HP Spectre x360 that only has the smaller Micro SD reader and I’ve been using a Lenovo Miix 630 that has no card reader. Both have USB-C ports and both really benefit from the Satechi USB-C > UHS-II Card Reader.

If you’re a photographer, this little device comes in handy and allows you to transfer photos to your laptop or computer in a jiffy. What’s great too is that it doesn’t require any special drivers to install or software.

While the Satechi USB-C > UHS-II Card Reader does exactly what it’s supposed to do, it also looks great doing so. This isn’t the smallest card reader I’ve seen, but it’s one of the nicest. It’s got a really slick looking aluminum body and a power light that glows blue. There is a short, about 6-inch cable attached to it a USB-C plug at the end and I actually like this a bit more than some of the other card readers I’ve seen that don’t. This is because those usually take up a bit more space than needed and if there are two USB-C ports next to each other, one of them ends up being partially covered. With Satechi’s design, this doesn’t happen.

Lastly, I discovered another use for this other than using it on laptops and computers. You can also use this on your smartphones if they have a USB-C port, which is basically almost every new smartphone out there. When plugged in, just set the USB connection to Media Sync (MTP) and it’ll show up in the file manager as “USB Storage”. That means if you use a real camera, you can also use this to transfer photos to your smartphone.

If you need a USB-C card reader, the Satechi USB-C > UHS-II Card Reader is a great choice. It works like it’s supposed to and it looks pretty good. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and in any bag and attached cable makes it much more flexible than others that don’t have one. Overall, a really solid USB-C card reader by Satechi that not only works on laptops, but also smartphones and tablets.

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