For the past year or so I would say I have grown accustomed to the Fitbit lifestyle wandering away from Android smartwatches and never looked back. I always enjoyed the accuracy with the Fitbit wearables and their great battery life. I figured since I was heavy involved into the ecosystem I would give one of their other products a look which is the Fitbit Aria 2. The Aria 2 gives you various statistics besides the usual weight as far will advise you of trends going on in your weight patterns. How is the Aria 2 when you step up to the weight plate?


Aria 2 is a 1.6 x 14.2 x 14 in. smart scale that has a smooth glass surface. It comes in colors of white or black and Fitbit provided us with the white colorway to review. There is a four box pattern on there as well which can be seen depending on how the light hits. Besides that there is the display is accompanied by a metallic silver ring. The simple styling of the Aria 2 makes it look nice no matter what room you put it in. I did have it in my bathroom for sometime which has while tiles but I felt it stood out better on my wood floors.

Under the Aria 2 is four pegs to hold the Aria 2 up and take the pressures of standing on it. There is also a battery compartment as the Aria 2 houses three AA batteries(which are included). Fitbit states they last up to a year which isn’t bad. Also in there is the MAC address and a button for setting up and going thru the reset procedures which hopefully you never have to.


Going through the process of setting up the Aria 2 is pretty easy if you are already in the Fitbit ecosystem. You will most likely have the app downloaded via iOS or Android and will need to add the Aria 2 to your account. Aria 2 will make you go through a couple of weigh-ins for it can get used to your body and then you setup your profile.

Also since the Fitbit Aria 2 uses Wifi instead of Bluetooth like some of the smart scales on the market you will be able to get stats more frequently rather than the scale waiting for you to have your device nearby to sync.


Aria 2 is an interesting smart scale as it doesn’t just measure weight but also body fat %, BMI and lean mass. Every time you do a weigh in it will measure the data mentioned and provide via the display. Once that’s done you can pull your stats up on the Fitbit to see things such as weight loss or gain and other attributes. You can set goals and the app will let you know how your progress is going.

If you go into the Aria 2 settings on the app you can see “Recent weigh-ins” and also People using the scale. You can set up to eight profiles on the Aria 2 and it can determine who is using it by the stats it generates. If you have say a friend try out the scale it will only provide their weight and nothing else. On the app they will be titled “Guest”.


I been using the Aria 2 for the past couple of months and it’s been an eye opener as far as health is considered. It’s made me monitor my eating habit and see those changes reflected not only in my weight but body fat % as well. It’s a constant reminder I need to get in shape which can be a good and bad thing.

Fitbit recommends you use the Aria 2 with barefoot and not even socks so I tend to use it when I get out of the shower. I will say my only gripe with the Aria 2 is needing to clean it every so often. Seeing as the version I have is white it picks up dust, dirt and whatever else with ease and it shows. I imagine the same on the Black version but just not as visible to the eye.

What is very visible is the light that shines from the Aria 2 display. Its so bright it can light up a room and makes sure you seen the stats even in the dimmest of areas.

May not be suitable for pregnancies or pacemakers as the Aria 2 uses a bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure body fat %. This sends a small signal through out the body. At it pricing you would hope it tracks water mass and bone mass but unfortunately it doesn’t.


Fitbit once again makes a device that is superior when used within its ecosystem with the Aria 2. It’s been on point with measuring your body weight and also providing easy access to stats via its app. Everything is all in one with Fitbit so you don’t need anything else. With a price point of $129.99(currently $99.99) it does come in competition with others around it that may offer slightly other things if needed such as water and bone masses. But if you aren’t looking for that and want a scale to share with family the Aria 2 is a good scale to weigh in on.

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