Day 2 turned out to be worlds better in terms of weather compared to the slushy mess we had on Friday. This time around we were able to see how HP is the bell of the ball for Panorama NYC and the unique experiences they bring to an energetic music festival such as Panorama.

When you first arrive in into the park you will stumble upon HP’s section of installations bka “The Lab”. If you haven’t checked out their “Emergence 360” dome out go check it out. As for other things they have set up lets dig in:

Infinite Wild

This installation was created by Smooth Technology and its a cool premise as they are using hundreds of LED strips that dangle overhead and light in different colors in sequence. As you look up you will they are attached to mirrors that can set up for some cool ass photos. What makes this visual experience more interesting is that its being powered by Solar panels that are on top of them and they plan to donate all this equipment to the relief effort in Puerto Rico. Its one of the quicker visuals to check out but you can spend tons of time in there trying to master the perfect shot.

As Above, So Below

If you want to take a quick seat you can do so at this install created by Kate Raudenbush. It’s a nice area to relax and just take a look at the art around you. Just from the outside you see this huge colorful steel triangle but if you get closer you can see all the lighting effects inside of it with some LED floor designs.

Portal to Flatland

One of the coolest immersive experiences at Panorama in general this year comes from the minds of Chris Lunney and Kat Brice aka Magenta Field. What looks like an ordinary tent when you walk in, once started you are presented with a visual spectacle of lights, colors and sounds. Like the title states with all the constant changes inside it feels you are entering a portal and heading to another dimension or realm. If you have time definitely check it out and don’t let the line scare you as it holds a ton of folks.

There are other installs to check out such as the Visage which uses a camera that maps out a digital mask on your face and the Pixel Vortex which lets you go inside and take colorful photos which will be hanging outside for all to see. Hopefully you can find yours. =)

All the artists for these different installations are NY based so make sure to check them out in the area. 

HP Lounge

If you thought there was a lot going on at “The Lab” wait till you step inside “The Lounge”. Inside HP’s Lounge they have their own DJ setup on the ones and twos with a dance floor if you want to bust a move right quick. There are various art installations inside being powered by HP and Intel you can try. Bloom Art is powered by their HP Zbook X2 and lets you create your own light show from the flowers above as they blush. Light Art lets you make a video with some lighting effects and if you see that massive printer on the other side of the room that is where Hydration Art takes place. You get to customize your own metallic water bottle and have that art design put right onto it. After that fill it up with some water from their machine.

I been to many festivals but HP had some great installs for the eventgoers at Panorama this year. Nice to experience, take home some souvenirs, win some VIP tickets, and kill some time until your favorite hits the stage.


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