This year HP returned to show off their state of the art visual installations at Panorama NYC 2018. We got to check out one before the festival unfortunately got shut down for severe rain conditions which was the “Emergence 360”. You can’t miss the big red colored dome from the outside and once inside you will be treated to PC setups utilizing HP’s killer Omen X PCs.

Once you get all setup and throw on the VR headset you are treated to three different musical stages which you can pick at your leisure. You will get a full 360 view of the stages and the massive crowds that are placed in front of you. You get to see the musicians, cameraman and the awesome view from the stages.

This is one of many installations HP has setup at Panorama NYC which are free of charge and can be checked out anytime. We hope to bring you some more inside looks at their visuals long as the rain holds up this time around.


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