Earlier in the year we took a good look at the 2018 Buick Regal TourX. I will say it was a very nicely done car, premium feels, good tech, and a smooth ride. We spent a week with it running errands, commuting to and from work, and really got a feel for it. Before we jump into it I’ll be honest, it wasn’t for me. It’s not to say that the car isn’t nice, it just one of those things where it didn’t move me. I always try to be transparent with you guys, so I had to put that out there. Okay let’s get into why and the ins and outs.

A Clean But Bland Look

I subscribe to the idea that within the first few seconds of you seeing a car, you just know if it is hot or just eh. When it came to the TourX within those first few seconds and I wasn’t captured by its presence. It isn’t an ugly car, just not one that stands out at you. The color we had during our test drive was the Rioja Red Metallic, but if you want the most chance for any kind of pop, I’d suggest the Sport Red for greatest effect.

When you pop into the inside, it was a basic bland black interior with a tan roof. It says conservative, middle of the road. This might have been my problem with it. This reminded me of why Buick wouldn’t be my first choice on a car search or even one I would tell someone to check out. No that’s not right, the demographic I would recommend this to would be more my father’s age. Okay I’ll stop now as I’m really not trying to bash the Regal TourX. It is a very clean, quiet, and “regal” look on the inside and out. If you are looking for something to get you from point A to B and do it with class, the Regal TourX has you covered.

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It’s Tech Chops Are On Point!

While I wasn’t impressed with the Regal TourX’s look, it definitely makes up for it in its tech features! Right off the back I love the 2.0L Turbo engine with the Start/Stop function. That Start/Stop is very handy in New York City traffic, between congestion and constant traffic light, being able to save engine use during these times is great. Then there are features like the hands-free power lift gate, Bluetooth integration, wireless charging, and 4G LTE hot spot are all excellent features that should be in every car now-a-days and the Regal TourX can tick all those off the survey pad! When you combo this with the panoramic moon roof, keyless open, dual-zone climate controls, and Bose premium sounds; you have a great set of features to explore and enjoy in this wagon. Setting everything up and controlling it was pretty straight forward and took no time at all to completed. And I must give kudos points for having Android Auto and Apple CarPlay installed. As more cars have this, the better!


Yes the Regal TourX wasn’t for me, but did I enjoy my time in it? Of course, the Regal TourX is a fine vehicle to consider and own, despite its presence being a little on the dull side. Sometimes dull can be good. You can focus on the tasks at hand and not get bogged down by distractions. I did however enjoy driving the TourX. It had decent acceleration, good stopping power and with tech features that were a joy to use. During our test drive, we drove through a variety of situations (City Traffic, Suburb town, Mountain Hill) and the ride was comfortable, smooth, and consistent.

Wrap Up

The 2018 Buick Regal TourX starts off at $29,070 and comes standard with a range of features like engine Start/Stop, All-Wheel Drive, and Lane Keep Assist. While I just wasn’t moved by this one, it is a fine reliable car option. If Buick is your brand and you’re looking to pick up something new, you won’t do no wrong with the Regal TourX.

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