Twelve South AirFly

Twelve South AirFly

The Nintendo Switch is a rather interesting console, mainly because it’s basically a 2-in-1 device in which you can switch from traditional TV mode to portable mode by just pulling it out of its dock. This is something no other console currently can do and it’s what makes the Nintendo Switch so unique. While certainly very cool, the Nintendo Switch is not without its problems. One of those problems is that for some odd reason, it does not have wireless audio.  That means you can’t use your wireless headsets with it and instead will need to plug in. Well, there’s a solution for that and it comes to us from Twelve South in the form of the AirFly, a tiny device that connects wireless headphones to wired-audio jacks.

Twelve South AirFly


The Twelve South AirFly is a nondescript little white box with no real standout design elements. It’s basically just a little rectangle with curved edges. It’s got it’s own audio jack and a little USB port which is used for charging. The kit comes with a male-to-male audio cable where you plug one end into the AirFly and the other end into your audio source.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing fancy looking. It just does what it does in a relatively small package.

Twelve South AirFly


Using the AirFly is easy as pie. You just have to make sure you charge it fully which will give you about 12 hours of use per charge. To pair the AirFly with your favorite pair of headphones, just hold down the button on the AirFly until it starts to blink and then hold down the Bluetooth button on your headphones until those go into pairing mode. After a few seconds, both lights should turn solid and you’re set.

Next just plug the AirFly into your audio source and your set.

It works effortlessly with the Nintendo Switch and allows you to finally cut the cord. While the dongle itself still kind of just dangles there on the switch, you can remedy this situation by using a tiny piece of Velcro to attach it to the rear. This will keep it more secure and keep it from swinging around. You could also find a much shorter and solid male-to-male audio adapter which would also solve this problem.

Lastly, the Twelve South AirFly can also be used on other audio sources, not just the Nintendo Switch.

Twelve South AirFly

Final Thoughts

The Twelve South AirFly might not be fancy or elegant looking, but it does what it says it does. With Bluetooth 4.1 built in, the AirFly will turn any device with a wired audio jack into a wireless device. It’s very simple to use and small enough where you can just carry it with you anywhere and won’t take up much space at all.

Overall, if you have a Nintendo Switch or any other device for that matter that only has an audio jack, the Twelve South AirFly is a nice little device that’ll let you use your wireless headphones with them effortlessly.

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