More and more people are getting into streaming, recording themselves gaming or some level of content creation. If you’re going to do it from your PC however, you’re gonna need some high quality equipment from one of the best in the business at capturing desktop and console streaming. Avermedia is a name that will always come up when you think capture device peripherals. Yesterday, they officially announced that they’ve got two new killer capture cards that you may wanna buy one of. The AverMedia Live Gamer 4K and the Live Gamer ULTRA. You can check out Avermedia’s official press release below and their YouTube video about it also below. Both cards are competitively priced at $299 and $249 respectively and whichever card you choose just know you’re getting high quality capture devices to help take your content creation to the next level. We’ll keep you posted with a review soon for either the Live Gamer 4K or both.

Avermedia’s Press Release: The internal PCIe Live Gamer 4K is perfect for gamers with a powerful desktop PC for gaming or standalone capture from a 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) PC or console, providing the ability to capture at the very highest resolutions and frame rates. HDR, previously only available via expensive professional capture cards, provides more accurate color and greater contrast ratio along with the increased resolution provided by 4K (3840 x 2160) at up to 60 frames per second.

The external Live Gamer ULTRA, on the other hand, provides a solution for laptop users and streamers on the go, allowing ultra low latency capture over USB 3.1 with a small footprint. Its driverless setup ensures the card is immediately recognized when it’s plugged in, and while it can’t capture in 4K at 60 fps like its big brother, it can still capture at 4Kp30 and at 120 fps in 1080 HD when paired with a laptop or PC that can handle the throughput. It also supports HDR passthrough, allowing gamers to play and view HDR while recording in standard 4K, and its onboard video processing helps lighten the computer’s CPU load.

The Live Gamer 4K and Live Gamer ULTRA cards are now available at retail and online, and include AVerMedia’s proprietary RECentral software that supports simultaneous streaming to Twitch, YouTube and Mixer from a single app, and CyberLink’s PowerDirector 15 video editing software, which supports 4K video.


All Live Gamer 4K UHD Cards
Widely Compatible: Work with all major capturing and streaming software, including OBS and XSplit
Video/Audio I/O: HDMI 2.0
Recording Format: MPEG 4 (H.264+AAC) or (H.265+AAC)
Bundled Software: AVerMedia RECentral, CyberLink PowerDirector 15

Live Gamer 4K (GC573)
Top of Line Tech: AVerMedia’s top capture card, capable of handling any game at ultra-high resolution and framerate and with ultra-low latency
4Kp60 HDR: The first consumer card to capture High Dynamic Range, which provides brighter whites and darker blacks and a wider color gamut overall, significantly superior to standard 4K
Maximum Performance: Via Internal PCI Express x4 Gen2 card form factor
Look like a Rock Star: RGB lighting with three preset modes to make your setup shine
Max. Pass-Through Resolution: 2160p60 HDR / 1440p144 / 1080p240
Max. Capture Resolution: 2160p60 HDR / 1440p120 / 1080p240
Recorded Quality: 150 Mbps default @2160p60; up to 240 Mbps is possible
MSRP: US$299.99

Live Gamer ULTRA (GC553)
For Pros and Aspiring Pros: AVerMedia’s intermediate capture card, designed to work well with both laptops and desktop gaming PCs and equipped with onboard video processing to lighten the CPU load
Laptop-friendly Form Factor with Ultra Low Latency: USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type-C interface
Supports HDR Passthrough: Play and view 4K HDR gameplay while capturing at 4Kp30; other cards force you to turn off HDR before capturing
Max. Pass-Through Resolution: 2160p60 HDR / 1440p144 / 1080p240
Max. Capture Resolution: 2160p30 / 1440p60 / 1080p120
Recorded Quality: 150 Mbps default @2160p30; up to 240 Mbps is possible
MSRP: US$249.99

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