So I been rocking with Plantronics for a while now mostly using their Backbeat series ranging from earbuds all the way to high-end office headphones. It’s been awhile since I really sat down some of their gaming headphones as my colleague Mike usually handles that but I was interested in their RIG 800 LX gaming headphones for Xbox One. I tend to use Xbox One more than anyone on the team so I thought my ears would be a perfect fit for it.


Plantronics has always had comfort in mind and with the RIG 800 LX they still stand true to that. The 800s have memory foam ear cushions that feel great combined with a nylon style head strap for adding comfort. Above that is the headband which the ear cushions are clipped onto that can be changed between the three notches.

All the controls you need are on the left side of the ear cup. You have a volume toggle, on/off switch and also the mic is there as well. When the mic is in its upright position it will let you mute the mic with ease. A small beep will sound will this is done. There is also a dial for switching between game and audio chats.


PLT is always been known for pumping their products with chock full of features and the RIG 800 LX are no different. On one charge you can get at least 24 hrs of battery life and frankly I think I have only charged them one time since using them. There is a 10m range and I have run to the kitchen to grab a drink with no distortion or lag. Also with your pair of headphones comes a code for Dolby Atmos. I think once more games support the format the better sound you get from it.


The RIG 800 LXs are using 40mm dynamic drivers which provide stellar sound isolation and quality especially when mixed with watching or playing content that has Dolby built-in. I have watched a few movies and the sound is incredible and you will feel like you are at the theater.

Playing Sea of Thieves with friends I could hear chat conversations clearly and also the atmosphere around me which is extremely important in that type of game. If you are looking for a particular feel of sound there is a EQ button on the right side you can toggle thru four settings to get the right fit.


The RIG 800 LX have been my go-to headphones for the comfortably and ease of use. I been using it to play games and watch some movies here and there.

For the price of $149.99 you get a sweet pair of gaming cans that sound great for any type of content and feel great and lightweight. If you don’t want to feel the weight of headphones bearing down on your head especially for long periods of wearing you should check out the RIG 800 LX. Even more so if you have a Xbox One and want to try out the Dolby Atmos feature.

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