Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

With a full glass body the Samsung Galaxy S9 looks terrific but also can leave itself open to some pretty significant damages if it takes a nasty fall. For your $720 investment you might want to take a look at some of these cases to see if you can give your Galaxy S9 the longevity it deserves.

Speck Presidio Grip

Samsung Galaxy S9 Case Speck

It’s hard to drop these cases thanks to the handle the Presidio Grip provides. It has a matte plastic finish that is prone to scratches and layers of protection into take impact. Grip goes up and down the casing so no matter where you grab it you should be good to go. Works fine with wireless charging as well. There is four colors with this one being my fave called “Fig Purple”.

Price: $39.95

LifeProof DropProof SLAM

Samsung Galaxy S9 Case Lifeproof

SLAM is a stylish dual layer of protection that still leaves your Galaxy S9 with its identity. This is thanks in part to mostly clear transparent back shell. SLAM is a two-step process as it opens up fits into the casing and then protected by the back. It leaves the screen still 100% accessible and has raised edges for protection. It comes in three distinct colorways with me using the “Lava Chaser”. Its pretty sleek and light but makes your S9 feel safe.

Price: $49.99

Urban Armor Gear Plyo

Samsung Galaxy S9 Case UAG

UAG is usually known for their rugged military style cases but the Plyo takes a different approach. It still has the thickness of their Plasma and Monarch style profiles but removes all that industrial look. It’s ridiculously light but has huge corners for drop protection. Buttons are clicky and responsive for quick action as camera launching. It is available in four colors with this one being “Ash”.


Otterbox Pursuit

Samsung Galaxy S9 Case Otterbox

Pursuit may look like the toughest in the lineup but it’s also feels like the lightest. It has thick corners to take drops, lightweight in the hand, and is dual layered. I have been using the Black/Clear version but there are solid back colors in Black or Pink if you desire. There is even a loop for you to add a lanyard if that fits your style. With full access to the display you can also use the Pursuit with Otterbox’s Alpha Glass for additional protection.


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