Destiny 2 loyalists can rejoice in knowing that the next big expansion for Destiny is coming this May 8th and it’s called Warmind. The new expansion has a new roadmap and Bungie is really turning it’s focus on being more inclusive and giving the community more of what it wants. Some recent updates had addressed some minor things but this expansion takes it further. This time around it’s not going to matter as much whether or not you actually bought the expansion. Typically, if you didn’t buy a Destiny expansion you would be locked out of most if not all of the important events related to that content. Making this new expansion and some it’s events available to all is sure to help bring back the community that had been dwindling away.

A great deal of changes have been made to the crucibles mostly with new maps, there will new changes to the weapons system including customization, loadouts, randomization, weapon slots, loot drops are going to be more generous to avoid repetition and that grind that everyone hates, raid lairs will be updated and so on. Private matches are the only element of the expansion that in order to access it you’ll have to have the expansion. That doesn’t mean all things will be available to you but it won’t just be an exclusive experience that shuts players out. PC players will not be left out, all of the changes for console will be just the same for PC and

Personally, haven’t played Destiny 2 in quite some time and with these new changes expected I’ll probably jump back on with my guardian and get ready for some action. Not sure how it may affect the rest of community. Destiny still has some of the best gunplay there is and it remains to be seen if the Warmind expansion is going to be as large as the Taken King or just a small incremental expansion with some new missions like the Curse of Osiris. There was no news of a new raid which was slightly disappointing BUT that doesn’t mean that Bungie has nothing on the table in regards to a raid. They do like to surprise. You can catch a glimpse of what Bungie has planned on their Twitch channel on April 24th. You can be sure to see Deej, maybe Luke Smith and others and I have no doubt there will be plenty to see.

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