Here in New York, it is the auto show week. All week people will be able to head down to the Jacob Javits Center and check out all the new 2018 models, maybe some 2019 models, and all the cool concepts (that really will never get made!). So before we move forward in 2018, we figure we spotlight a few good models from 2017 that we enjoyed. When you think about it, not everyone is going to be looking to get a fresh 2018 right off the low, that pre-owned market is ripe for some love as well. So here is a few 2017 models that was a joy to test drive.

The Ford Focus Twins: RS and ST

It was a great joy to get to test drive both the Ford Focus RS & Focus ST in 2017. Both came in you damn right are stand out colors Nitrous blue (Focus RS) and Triple Yellow Metallic (Focus ST)! Both were manually cars but each definitely drives differently feel when driving it. We test drove both in the Hatchback model and on the road it was just thrilling to drive. When it comes to the difference between them, we found the ST more of the calmer older/maturing brother that had the power but was smooth with it during your drive. The RS is the younger, wilder, more hardcore brother who is going to give it to you straight for the sake of it just being LIT! You’re going to have a great time, but after a few days it may not be for everyone as the RS takes all the ST is and kicks it up a notch! Both had Recardo seats, which is comfortable at times, but not everyone will find it so. Infotainment center on it was easier to use than most and allowed me to connect my Bluetooth device fast, this is always a good thing when I can do this. The 2017 Ford ST model MSRP was starting at $24,775, with the RS going for around $36,000. They are a year old now so you may find a deal if you know where to look.

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The Cadillac CTS V-Sport

Cadillacs are always wonderful to drive. I’m especially enamored with the CTS and ATS lines with V-Sport badging. The design cues on the Cadillac CTS V-Sport are sharp, clean, elegant. At the same time there is always an aggressive feel to it when staring down the front grille of the car. While this time around the CTS V-Sport has still an aggressive feel to it, it is more smoothed out and feels more luxury sedan. The infotainment system in the Cadillac called CUE visually looks good, but can at times be challenging to use. Now while the CTS V-Sport has a more elegant feel to it, it certainly isn’t limp when it comes to the power. From the straight line hitting 60 mph took about 4,5 seconds and the overall performance makes for a thrilling right. MSRP for it came in at around $62,500+, but you may be able to find some decent prices on a slightly use model now.

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2017 Subaru Impreza Limited

Subaru is a brand I’ve only known because of the WRX. But I got a chance to learn more about the brand after checking out the Subaru Legacy during a press event with them back in 2015. Since then we have reviewed a couple of their cars. In 2017 we checked out the Subaru Impreza Limited wagon, and I can see why Subaru had a great fan following and consistently has record sales. Subaru owners keep their cars for an impressively long time and the Impreza Limited is another example of why. I’m not going to lie, the Impreza Limited doesn’t scream excitement but it does not disappoint in terms of reliability as it is a decent looking car. For $24,095 MSRP the Subaru Impreza Limited is a car with good acceleration, all wheel drive standard, and a host of cool features like EyeSight Drive Assist Technology. If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and safe car to use and one day pass on to the next generation, the Impreza will hold you down!

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2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label

To wrap up our recap is the luxurious 2017 Lincoln Continental Black label. This car was incredible. This is a car you are to be driven in, not drive. The design of this car is meant for you to sit in the back and do work, relax, be driven from boardroom meeting to the next spot after. Many of the features of comforts can be controlled from the back. And let’s talk about these Perfect Position seats that has heating, cooling, and massage available. The 2017 Lincoln Continental is rolling comfort! The Lincoln Continental starts out at $45,720 but once you start adding in the features that price can really scale up. If you are looking for a ride full of style, comfort, and luxury you will love the 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label which is the highest expression of what a Lincoln can be. With unique themes, exclusive materials and a number of member services available, you’ll be throughly satisfied.

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The 2018 New York International Auto Show is now open at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Stop in and check out what’s new for 2018 and beyond!

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