Speck Presidio SPORT Case Back

Speck knows a decent amount of its customers workout especially with their phones and also by doing so you are coming across hundreds of millions of germs no matter how much you spray and wipe that equipment down. Speck has teamed up with Microban to protect you and your smartphone from all the insane bacteria that can be inhabited.


Speck Presidio SPORT Case Inside

Speck is known for their polycarbonate hard shell casings which are still here but on the SPORT there is a silicone they are using calling IMPACTIUM sport. Its grippy and helps protect your phones but germs as it’s coated with Microban antimicrobial coating. The buttons are composed of polycarbonate and are very responsive to the touch. Speck has all the ports sealed as the lightning port has a spot to open up and the usual iPhone mute button can be accessed via a dial that works pretty good.


Taking it on some runs and such the grip on the SPORT has been good even with slightly sweaty palms and getting food and such on it I was able to just wipe right off. I like the bright red colorway with black accents as it just pops. Also this case does work via QI charging as I been using with a iPhone 8 so you frankly don’t need to open up the ports to charge if you don’t want to. Raised edges also helps give some protection from the screen as well.


Speck Presidio SPORT Case Buttons

If you work out a good deal and interact with a lot of people and products the SPORT is a nice way to alleviate some of that germ passing. Heck even if you aren’t active and just want to minimize bacteria it’s a good idea. Also the colors look great thanks to the silicone based design as well.

Speck’s Presidio SPORT is available for $44.95 via their website or BestBuy.com. It comes in five colors and is currently for the iPhone 8, 8+ X and Galaxy S9/S9+

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