Wireless earbuds are all the rage right now, especially the ones that are truly wireless. There are quite a few of them out on the market now but only some of them are geared towards fitness. That means earbuds that are sweatproof, adjustable for comfort, won’t fall out of your ears during a heavy workout, and actually sound great to keep your workout going. So what wireless earbuds meets all of these criteria? What about the Axum Gear? These seem to check off every box on the list but are they any good? Read on to find out.


For starters, the Axum Gear does have a familiar design, but adds a bit of their own flare to it. In fact, I would say that the Axum Gear has more style and wow factor than your typical wireless earbuds. The main eye catching feature is its LED ring surrounding the triangular button in the middle. It also causes the triangle button to light up red. It gives the Axum Gear a really unique look when the light pulses red in your ear.

The Axum Gear includes 3 hook sizes that can be removed and installed for sizing preferences along with 3 different sized silicone eartips. The hooks themselves look rather interesting too as they also include the triangular design of the buttons.

Along with the actual earbuds, you also get a charging case. The charging case is rather interesting as well as it features a translucent design and when you place the Axum Gear in them, they glow red when they’re charging. That lights up the case in a really cool way and is a great visual indicator that the earbuds are charging.

These are probably the coolest looking wireless earbuds I’ve used so far thanks to the LED lighting.


You pretty much use the Axum Gear like any other set up earbuds, but there is a specified way to start them up. Upon first pairing, only use the left earbud to pair. When you got that done, turn on the right earbud and you should here an audible confirmation stating “TWS Connected”. That basically means the right earbud is now synced with the left one and you should now hear audio coming out of both earbuds now. Now that they’re synced up, you can also no turn both off by just turning one off and turn them on again by turning just one on.

Making things easier still, you can control pretty much every aspect of the Axum Gear with one button as well.

According to the specs, when the case is fully charged up, you can recharge your Axum Gear earbuds fully up to 6 times. Each charge giving the Axum Gear approximately 4 hours of use time.

Sound Quality

The Axum Gear is one of the loudest wireless earbuds I’ve used. It’s probably because of the large 8mm audio drivers, but these have some really deep bass. Usually, you don’t get bass this deep with earbuds but with these, you can really hear it thumping. Of course highs and mids also sound really good as well with these, so combined with the bass, you’ll get a full range rich sounds. Not only that, when the music is really bumping, you hear virtually nothing from the outside world. The Axum Gear does a great job blocking out those distracting noises.

The only downside with the audio is a slight hissing sound when there’s either no audio or really low audio. You don’t hear this at all when the audio is louder and the volume is up. It’s only noticeable when everything is really low.

Final Thoughts

I really like the Axum Gear wireless earbuds. I had some other ones before that weren’t really that comfortable, but these are more tolerable. They feel a bit more comfortable, though on my right ear, they do start to hurt a bit after a couple hours. I think I just have an oddly shaped right ear as these aren’t the first earbuds that hurt my right ear after a while. Regardless, these stay put in your ear no matter the situation.

Aside from the little comfort issue on one side, the Axum Gear sound terrific. There’s plenty of range to them and the bass really thumps in these. They can also get pretty darn loud, so watch that when using them.

Other than that, the Axum Gear seems like a really good buy. They look great, sound great, and for the most part, feel good for a period of time.

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