There’s been a sharp rise over recent years in the amount of people gaming on the go, on smartphones and tablets. This is by and large down to the improvements in the technology that goes into making the smart devices that most people own these days. With smartphones and tablets at their most advanced in 2017 and a huge part of daily life for a lot of people, what are the stats telling us about the year 2017 and mobile gaming?

In the past gaming has been more about curing boredom and sort of a novelty rather than people taking it seriously. Now the games are seen as a form of entertainment and the growing figures reflect that too. As we headed into 2017 predictions were made that the expected revenue of mobile games would be around the $35 billion mark. In actual fact, as 2017 began, the worldwide revenue stood at over $40 billion. Asia were and are still generating the most revenue, followed by North America and then England.

There are currently over 800,000 games available on the various app stores that are in existence. If you take into account that the Apple App Store holds around 2 million apps in total so that means that mobile gaming makes up a good third of that amount. It’s also been predicted that mobile game make around $40,000 in revenue but many feel that they actually make a lot more.

As it stands, mobile gaming is responsible for 42% of the world’s $108.9 billion industry. This is split into two segments, smartphone (32%) and tablets (10%). It’s the only area where there is rapid growth too. There’s a 19.3% Year on Year increase when it comes to mobile gaming whereas console gaming is only growing at just over 3%. PC gaming is on the decline, losing around 2.6% every year.

So mobile gaming is definitely the preferred choice for most people these days. When it comes to the battle of the operating systems which they’re running on, Android wins the day. They may be behind in the US in terms of money spent but they represent around 78% of the mobile gaming revenue around the world. Online casino apps like, where people can play their favourite games are hugely popular and Android have now let them back into their Play Store. This will only serve to strengthen their position at the top.

What’s also a great trend when it comes to mobile gaming is the fact that there are as many women as men playing. The split is around 51% male to 49% female but this is a closer divide compared to those who game on PC or console. What we’re also seeing is that older people have started gaming on their smartphones and tablets too with the majority of players opting to play puzzle based games. It’s estimated a whopping 58% of people prefer a puzzler to action and simulation games that have been more popular in the past.

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