Turtle beach makes all sorts of headphones and if you’re a gamer then chances are you’ve got a few sets of gaming cans and one of them is probably from Turtle Beach. As the gaming world preps for the arrival of the Xbox One X, Turtle Beach released their mid-range Stealth 700’s available not too long and the timing is perfect for the Xbox One X.

There’s a lot to like with the Stealth 700’s. For starters they’re well priced at just $150. This is more of less the going rate for a good set of gaming cans and even better when they’re wireless. The Stealth 700’s have design, function and feature wrapped neatly in a black and green package.


The design of the Stealth 700’s aren’t overly aggressive. They actually look more sleek and professional grade than gaming cans.They’re matte with some glossy areas and accented with the traditional Xbox green. Rubberized Turtle Beach logo on the top of the headband that provide grip for carrying. The ear cups are pretty comfortable and non intrusive, especially if you wear glasses like me. Hours of game play felt pretty good on the ears although the headband cushion not so much. No biggie though.

The Stealth 700’s offer all of your game controls on the left side ear cup so it’s very convenient. Bluetooth pairing button, audio jack, micro-USB charging port, volume up and down for the earcups and mic and then the mic itself attached. It all seems very busy but they’re perfectly placed and you don’t have to feel around to find functions (at least I didn’t). All in all. The design speaks to what gamers are looking for in terms of comfort and ease of use. The only issue that I had in the design came down to the earcup adjusters in that they are a little tight and you have to use a little strength to adjust your earcup height and fit and often I felt as if I pulled a little too hard that I would break them. Not a good feeling to have with your $150 headphones. No biggie though.

Features and Sound

The Stealth 700’s are feature packed and they worked so well between my Xbox and PC (Some PC’s may require an adapter). Just to name a few of the key features of the Stealth 700’s, I’ll start with the wireless connectivity. The Stealth 700 has a WiFi direct connection so that when you power on your Xbox the headphones show up immediately as a native headset. Which was a key feature for me in not having to reassign my headphones each time I use them. There’s full Bluetooth support for all of your devices in your home. You can customize your sound experience by way of the Turtle Beach audio hub app for Mac, PC, mobile and tablet. It’s never a bad thing to have some added options with the Stealth 700’s if you want to use them for music and movies.

Audio wise, there’s noise cancellation which is always a plus. Keeping out the external noise so you can focus on your game is essential especially if you have loud family members at home. “Superhuman Hearing” is a feature which basically enhances background sounds around you within your game but not quite like surround sound. This is more focused. If you’re playing an FPS or a game where things can come at your character from the rear or a blindspot you’ll be that much more aware and be able to react quicker as a result of this feature. It’s not a gimmick. It works really well and it helped me out quite a bit in a few of my games. COD and Rainbow Six to name are two examples that helped he get the jump on some early kills because of Superhuman hearing.

The Stealth 700’s boast a 50mm driver to give you that loud crisp sound. Although, not quite as loud as I would have liked for a big driver there is a level of clarity to these headphones that I got that made the lack of volume not so bad. Windows Sonic Surround Sound helps to make that possible. Whereas Superhuman hearing focuses on elements that move close to you in game character, Sonic Surround Sound focuses on all elements in the surrounding environment. It sounds like a lot for a set of headphones to be able to differentiate but the Stealth 700’s do a pretty good job of it.

Battery life is probably where the estimated results tend to show some room for error. The Stealth 700’s are supposed to have a full charge play time of 10 hours. I didn’t really get an opportunity to fully gauge that but I played a couple of days and did some Destiny for about 6 hours or so before I felt that I needed to charge but not so much that I had to. With that, I say if you have devices that need to be charged you should be routine in your charging practices so you never have a dead device but 6 hours ain’t so bad.

Final Impression

The Stealth 700’s are a solid set of headphones and a set of cans I have no problem recommending. These things always boil down to choice and personal preference anyway. There are a lot of positives and a few negatives with these headphones but I haven’t found a perfect set yet. Only a perfect set for me. At $150 the Stealth 700’s are a really good set of mid-range headphones that give you a great set of features exclusive to the Xbox One. With November 7th’s launch of the Xbox One X looming, these headphones are right on time and a good choice. You can pick these cans up at your local Best Buy, local area retailer or just head over to Turtle Beach and pick up a set HERE. Enjoy your gaming.


– Mid-Range Price
– Feature packed
– Fairly comfortable
– Works seamlessly with Xbox One
– Great sound features
– Great matte and glossy colorway


– Clicky and hard to adjust earcups
– Mic seems too short
– Headband cushion is not comfortable

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