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Tile Pro Series Get Wet While Offering Double Coverage, Twice as Loud

Tile Sport

Tile has been around for quite some time now and I have been following and using it since its inception. First we got Tile, then we got Tile Slim and Tile Mate. Now they introduce us to Tile Pro. Tile Pro comes in two variations with “Style” and “Sport”. These new additions double in distance, get twice as loud and best of all are waterproof. I have always been keen to keep them in my wallet but I can definitely see how waterproof helps out especially after watching the video below.

Also added is volume control and different ringtones for whatever suits you. Most interesting now you can “Ask Alexa” to find your Tile if you add the skill which is pretty sweet.


The Tile Pro SeriesĀ is available online fromĀ thetileapp.com, as well as at major retailers starting today. Both Tile Style and Tile Sport retail for $35 each, or $60 for a two-
pack. The Tile Style and Sport Combo Pack of 2 Tiles (one each) will also be available for $60. Retailers carrying the Tile Pro Series nationwide include Amazon, AT&T, Best Buy and Target.
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