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Air Quality believe it or not is one of the most important things for me. I grew up an asthmatic so the wrong temperature, being around cigarettes, or stuffiness can basically set me up worst for wear. While attending a Netatmo event about their newest camera called “Welcome” I got to see some other gems they had in their roster and this one personally hit home for me literally. As a person that’s always been a bit more aware of their environment then others I wanted to see if Netatmo Healthy Home Coach was the right fit for my lifestyle.


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The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is a little over 6” cylinder tube that you can rest in your desired location in your home. Its design is simple and straight forward with a color changing indicator on the front, button to tap on top for updates and a single port in the back to plug in the included power adapter. There isn’t really much assembly with the Healthy Home Coach. It does have a nice industrial brushed feel to it and is rather light. It only comes in one color which is this Rose Gold looking hue. If positioned correctly it can be blended into just about any living space.

Setup / Usage

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach Indicator

As stated earlier, the Healthy Home Coach just comes with the unit itself and a power plug. Also some instructions to help you on your way. You can basically download the app for Android or iOS (I did both) and use that to sync up to your WIFI as that’s how it pushes out updates to your smartphones.

I had originally positioned it by my bedroom window but I felt it was better to put it in my living room as it could soak up the most data and I could see how it really works. The Home Coach gives you data on four stats. These are Air Quality, Temperature, Humidity and Noise Measuring(dB). First off, I checked temperature and it was pretty in line with what my thermostat would tell me for my home. So that was a plus. I have central air in my apartment so there are times I’ll have it on and then turn it off. I didn’t realize how hot it could get sometimes until looking at the app. Also using this to measure air quality and how moist it was.

I like how the Home Coach would tell you ways to achieve a better environment and making things more comfortable. Also the Home Coach does keep a log of the last 24 hours. While this is good i’d liked to be able to go back further maybe even a month or so to see how things may of changed.  The Home Coach is good at keeping you updated on sudden changes. For instance when I would play loud music or have a few people over chatting,  would shoot my smartphone an update that its “Noisy” and show me how high the levels have increased. Not that it mattered much to me but that can help others that may need to pump it down a notch for their neighbors.


Now to the million dollar question… Do you need one? I’d say yes if you or any of your family members have health issues and you want to make sure areas are always comfortable for them to reside in. Netatmo has made a device that is pretty accurate on giving stats and offering slight suggestions on how to fix. I do wish there was more to do and maybe get integrated with some of the smart voice control devices such as Alexa or Google Home. I do see it works with Apple HomeKit but I don’t have that in my household.

I personally enjoy having it in my home but if you aren’t health conscious or changes in temperature or air quality don’t bother you then it may not be for you.

Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach is available for $99.99 retail but can be found on some sites at around $80.


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