So besides playing Detroit: Become Human last week I got a chance to sit down and get amazed by the wonder that is Moss.  I remember when the trailer was played at E3 , people at first glance were like hmm but then like okay this looks cute.  First thing to note is that Moss is a PlayStation 4 VR only title. It’s not like some games where you have the option of either or.  The more I played it the more I saw reasons why.

Moss is designed to give you like a storybook-esque feel.  In the demo you get a quick feel of the controls and the first thing you do is turn pages in the book using the PS4 controller. You play as Quill a female mouse you take on an adventure. It gets interesting as you control Quill with the PS4 left analog and hit various buttons to swing your sword and also and climb obstacles. The second part of controls comes you being the “narrator” or page turner or assistant. You can move things for Quill to climb on, grab opponents and even drag them to solve some puzzles.

It takes a bit of getting accustomed to but after while I think you will get the controls down and I can only imagine what you be able to do in later stages.  From the demo I played you got just a tidbit of the huge world that the little mouse named Quill will venture.  Also speaking of controls there is no camera to control because in essential you are the camera. You can peek around corners and look around thanks to the PSVR. It takes a sometimes problematic element out and helps focus more on the game.

After playing Moss it made me want to do two things and that was A) get this game and B) possibly invest in getting a PSVR.

Moss is set to hit PlayStation 4 in time for the holiday season.




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