We have this seen this story many times. The good old Android vs Human story.  Detroit: Become Human takes place in the oh so distant future of 2035. Androids are the usual servants or doing the manual labor humans won’t do anymore. Of course, there comes a point where something happens that turns everything upside down.

If you are unaware “Detroit Become Human” comes from the same vein of other narrative games such as Heavy Rain and BEYOND: Two Souls. All of which are exclusive titles created for the PlayStation brand by Quantic Dream.

While the newest E3 trailer showed off Markus (played by Jesse Williams), I recently got to sit down with Sony & Quantic Dream and get my hands on their playable E3 demo. Their E3 demo was based on the original trailer we saw at E3 2016 last year featuring Connor. Connor is an android like Jesse but is a police officer based model.

So, the object of the demo is to stop the rogue model from taking the girl’s life and you must wander around the apartment looking for clues and such. You are of course playing detective analyzing every nook and interacting with humans within the apartment at the same time. You can feel the tension and get an idea of some folks’ opinions when it comes to androids.

Once you have gathered enough or you think you have you can do the encounter and either gain the android’s trust or ultimately fail. I made it through to the end and saved the girl but I saw there were things I could have did better or looked at beforehand. The developers were saying there is so many choices and most folks will probably never play it the same even if you sit and watch them do it. The game revolves around three androids with the 3rd being Kara. Surprising tidbit about Detroit Become Human is you can kill one of the three and continue with the story but it will vastly affect things.

I felt the game itself is intense and would be intrigued to play some more. I think more so because I’m a fan of futuristic sci-fi and this seems to be right up my alley. Graphically Detroit Become Human scenes are colorful and detailed. I like to see how the rest of the areas play I think fans of prior titles like Heavy Rain will be attracted to it as well as sci-fi heads.  It did remind me a bit of playing a game version of “I, Robot” as I mentioned to them.

Release date for Detroit: Become Human is TBA but I can’t to get more into the storyline and see where it takes you.



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