wud life rock case

So about a week or so ago I came across WUD Life and these new cases they have recently created called RÖK. They are as the name simply puts it made out of rock. They have different styles and textures of their rock cases and no two are probably going to look the same. There process is interesting as they get stone from a quarry and go through the process of cutting them down and smoothing them out and coating them to achieve the finished product. So that all sounds good but how were they once I took them out the box?

Pretty Rocky

I received a sample box from WUD Life containing cases for the iPhone 7+ and the Samsung Galaxy S8+. When I initially picked up the box I was like hmm this is a bit heavy but once I got hold of the cases I was surprised how light they were.

First off is the Meteor case being used on the iPhone 7+ which simply shimmers in the light thanks to its colorful array of oranges, greens and yellow. Rubbing your hand against the case you can see its been simply levelled out but there are still elevations of rock on the case. Not too much but just enough to get a feel of a rocky uneven surface.

wud life rock case

Next up is the Volcanic case I used with the Galaxy S8+. It’s a totally different feel from the Meteor case as its smoother with some minor rocky textures to let you know you are indeed using a rocky case. Colors on this aren’t as loud here with ash gray and touch of black throughout the case.

wud life rock case

Daily Usage

Both are easy to put on and take off thanks to the rubberized grip on the sides of the cases. I have used the Galaxy S8+ with a wireless charger and there has no issues with that either so don’t fret. Using the cases on a day to day was no problem and they easily slid in and out of my pockets or my backpack if I had one with me.

Worth the Rocks?

If you are looking for a case that officially has some rock built-in this may catch your eye. Cases look better in person then I imagined and they are lighter than I thought they would be. They are going for $39.95 and some may find that a bit pricey for a case. The craftsmanship on here are superb and I can easily respect the price tag.

RÖK Cases are available at WUD LIFE and can be used with Google Pixel, LG V20, Samsung Galaxy S5-S8 or iPhone 5-7 designs.

Also stay tuned as we are going to be doing a giveaway on a RÖK Cases for the iPhone 7+.


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