Every month in the past year I’ve found myself playing more and more Steam games. I wasn’t typically much of a Steam player at first but since I completed my gaming PC build it only makes sense that I play more games and Steam has a huge database of games to play.

This month and in the months going forward I’ve going to picking and playing a variety of Steam games, some popular and some not so popular and some are going to be older games that I just never had the pleasure of playing. Either way I’ll be getting my game on and discussing the experience and hopefully, you’ll follow my advice and play a few of the games I played. For now, these are the games that I played for the month May.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a unique and weird game. I don’t know if it’s because I’m an 80’s baby but Dead Cells is a 8-bit style side hack and slash side-scroller that I can’t seem to stop playing. To be totally honest I haven’t quite figured out what the overall premise of the game is. All I know is that you are dead or can’t die and the objective is to collect cells to powerup and move through dungeons and later on above ground while gathering a bunch of different weapons to kill a variety of enemies with. It’s real old school in terms of it being an intensely difficult game with no real point. I’m almost reminded of Strider for the NES when I play Dead Cells. It’s a lot of fun to play and if you need a controller throwing challenge then I strongly suggest you play Dead Cells. As of right now it’s $15 and still in its beta phase somewhat. I imagine that once this game gets an official roll out it will be much smoother and possibly less difficult but either way check this game out

River City Ransom Underground

If you never played River City Ransom for the NES then you might not able to understand why the release of River City Ransom: Underground is such a thrill, especially for us 80’s babies. The original RCR was a two-player Co-op game where you had to save the girl from the big baddie. You and your brother would basically fight your way through your town fighting different gangs in different areas of throughout the city. It’s The Warriors meets Double Dragon.

What’s different this time around with RCR: Underground is the number of playable characters that you can use, each having their own individual fighting style that as you play the game you can accentuate from the dojo’s and shops as you collect money and gain levels.
Instead of just the two original brothers (Alex and Ryan) you now have Glen, Paul, Provie, Bruno, Wes, Rudy and Mike.

This game is a ton of fun and invokes feelings of good nostalgia when you play it. Makes me wish I still had my NES and my homeboys came by the house to play this game with me. Definitely a must pick up on Steam. It’s $19.99 and i’m sure you’ve spent $20 on worse things. If you’re a sucker for some old school fighting get this game.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

I’m super far behind the 8-ball with this game in terms of playing it since it’s been around so long but something told me to just finally get it over with and play it. I love the Telltale series games. I had finished playing the Batman series and I really didn’t know how much fun I would have playing that game.

The Telltale games always reminded me of the Dragon’s Lair arcade game back in the day. Action/choice games were never really my bag because I always felt like there was really nothing to accomplish, but nowadays they’ve gotten really good. I bought the season pass for The Walking Dead and it was worth every penny. Episode 5 the final episode just came out recently and I’m about halfway through season 3 but hopefully the choices I’ve made up to this point didn’t screw me overall. We’ll see.

See you in June

I’ll be doing this every month now that I have a new gaming PC that built (which you’ll hear and see about shortly). I’ll be playing 2 to 3 games on Steam and I’ll be suggesting them to you and hoping that you play and give me some feedback so that we can talk gaming. Even if we don’t enjoy your games and have fun.

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