This May 18th is set to be a big day for Destiny players as they get to see what the sequel to their favorite game is going to look like.

Bungie will be conducting a livetstream this Thursday (10AM PT / 1PM EST) showing off what I believe is going to be an incredible sequel to probably my favorite game.

The great thing about Destiny 2 is that it picks up right where Destiny ends with the Cabal being the main antagonist after they destroyed the Tower. Ghall is the big bad ass leader of the assault on the Guardians and he looks huge, armored and serious.

Not much is known about Destiny 2 but what from what I gather by watching all of Bungie’s livestreams and doing my own due diligence it appears that what we were used to with Destiny will be a lot different this time around. Guardian types and subclasses may be different, it could be a more open world, weapons will be different obviously since the Cabal destroyed the ones you had, so many possibilities. I doubt that we’ll see much more than screenshots and some very limited gameplay given Bungie’s nature of being vague but it’s interesting either way.

I have no doubt that the team over at Bungie will be putting forth their best effort and Destiny 2 will be awesome. The livestream if not anything else should give us a good idea of what to expect going forward in their hugely popular franchise. There are some glaring issues that need to be addressed with Destiny and I don’t think we’ll see everything that was done in Destiny 2 but I don’t care. They have the format right and the game is hella fun. If you want to catch the livestream you can do so by going to Bungie’s page on HERE which is typically where they always show off the goods.

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