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Sonos Playbase Redesigns the Soundbar



Sonos PlayBase

Sonos has introduced its first speaker of 2017 and it’s a big one called the Playbase. The Playbase is designed to replace your soundbar and does so with 10 drivers inside its long thin frame. Sonos Playbase looks to have design first in mind as its built to fit conveniently under your unmounted TV. Yes, unmounted as Sonos believes at least 70% of households don’t mount their TVs (I don’t either). If your TV is too low to fit a Playbase under it Sonos has thought ahead and has a TV accessory by Sanus that will give your TV a bit of hover and swivel and allow that Playbase to slide right under there. If you don’t want to go that route you can place your TV on top if it’s in the weight range of about 70lbs.

But don’t fret as your PLAY speakers and SUB will work in conjunction with the Playbase and help you create that terrific Wi-Fi surround sound you been dreaming of. Everything can be controlled from the glorious Sonos app and you can tune in to whatever you want as normal.

Playbase will be available on April 4th for $699.99 in black or white. Current SONOS owners will get first dibs on pre-orders. Also, the Swivel TV Base by Sanus that will cost you $150 and is available now for purchase.


Sonos Family

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