Samsung launched the Gear Fit 2 back in the Summer of 2016 as the successor to their original smartband that was called the Gear Fit. Around the late Fall (early Winter) Samsung provided us with a unit and I pretty much put it through its paces. Also, to note I had it synced up mostly with a Google Pixel XL as that was (rather is) my Android smartphone of choice. Does the Gear Fit 2 beat out its predecessor and other fitness bands around it?

Style & Display

There is no question that the Gear Fit 2 has one of the best displays in the fitness band market. It uses a 1.5” Touch Curved sAMOLED display which I feel is much wider and more vibrant then the original Fit. The display is also coated with Gorilla Glass 3 for durability. It is rated IP68 which makes it resistant to water and dust and should be good for your sweaty workouts. The band is made from elastomer is a rubber silicone-like material. I will say it’s been durable as the Gear Fit 2 looks just I got it the first day. The bands do come in two sizes either Small or Large. Small worked for me but my wrists aren’t the biggest either (don’t laugh). Besides the sizes, it also comes in three different colors as well.


I was originally alternating between the Moto 360 V2 and the Gear S2 so switching to the Gear Fit 2 wasn’t too hard. While those two watches were slated to be used for workouts and counting your fitness goals they weren’t on any level like the Gear Fit 2. As mentioned in the beginning I didn’t have any Galaxy device so I paired it with the Google Pixel XL. I could have used it with iPhone but I see Apple devices aren’t the best to use with Android catered devices.

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I downloaded apps such as Samsung Gear and S Health and it helped me keep track of my steps and goals. I like how the Gear Fit 2 could recognize your body movements whether it was taking a nice walk to going on a long run to even climbing stairs. It was also interesting to go to sleep with it all and capture my sleeping patterns. Pulling up the S Health app would allow you to see your stats in Days, Weeks or even Months on an average.

Can it “Fit” into your Lifestyle?

The Gear Fit 2 works for me as I’m not the most active person but when I want to do certain things the Fit 2 works into my lifestyle. Besides just using it for workouts I can use it for notifications and even giving quick responses. It’s snappy with its Dual Core processor and will even give you a few days of life without charging. At times, I do have the Bluetooth off to make it last longer and will resync it later to gather data. Depends on how I’m feeling that week.

The Gear Fit 2 by Samsung is available for $179.99 or you can catch it on Amazon for about $140.

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