Anybody who remembers the early days of web-browser gaming will probably know all about how the recreations of arcade classics like Pong and Pac-Man revelled in low-grade graphics and mind-numbingly simple gameplay.

But if we forget how many hours of our lives we’ve lost due to the Flash player crashing during a game of Desktop Tower Defense, it’s clear that browser-based gaming could represent the future of PC gaming.

Advances in quality and quantity

This is because advanced titles like Runescape and Card Hunter have managed to push open the envelope to the point where even classic casino games are starting to join the browser-gaming fray.

The best aspect of browser-based gaming is that you don’t have to download anything and can get straight into the heart of the action in seconds. Thanks to gaming resources like Kongregate and Miniclip, there’s a massive range of gaming choices that cover everything from classic boardgames to some pretty impressive sporting simulations.

Multiplayer options

Whilst previous browser gaming incarnations may have been held back by some fairly lame graphics, a quick look at some of the biggest browser games like Tanki Online show how far things have advanced in just a handful of years.

It’s the multiplayer aspect of many of these browser games that makes them so addictive. Whether you’re an amorphous blob of molecular matter taking on a never-ending series of real-life opponents from across the world in, or just competing in Warlight’s impressive recreation of the classic boardgame, Risk, it all shows how human interaction is key to the success of many browser titles.

Gaming diversity

Although many of these titles don’t have the open-world complexity of recent console games, the simple gameplay of 8 Ball Pool or even the online slots found at sites like Betway shows that sometimes all we need is a little gaming distraction.

But that’s not to say that these latest browser games are necessarily primitive. When even simple slots games are invested with sleek graphics and immersive audio, it shows how browser-game developers have really stepped up their games to deliver us with some impressive and convenient entertainment.

And when you consider that most browser games are free-to- play, it’s yet another reason why we should all join the browser-gaming revolution!

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