Logitech’s new G533 headphones are my new favorite headphones for PC gaming right now. It’s a hell of a thing to say with so many great pairs of headphones out on the market but I’m convinced that they are and just by looking at them you wouldn’t think they were as dope as they are but for me, I love em.

Let me be clear, I’m not in any way saying the Logitech G533’s are the best gaming headphones ever made but I am saying that they are great for what they do as a total package. It has unique features and it’s pretty affordable at just $149. There are of course pros and cons but nothing that would be a deal breaker.


The design portion of this review in terms of looks is going to be short and sweet because lengthy won’t work when describing the design of the G533’s. The G533’s are designed with simplicity in mind. There’s no other colors (as of yet), no color accents, no sleek and futuristic look. Just a black colorway and a generic look. They look like a regular set of headphones. You have some “G” logos on the earcups and a logo on the top of the headband that’s it. Simple. So, the G533 isn’t pretty but design isn’t always about looks. Design is also about functionality. It’s these elements in the design of the 533’s that make it such a really good set of headphones to use.

Button and function placement in the G533’s are key. All of the functions are placed on the rear of the left earcup and are easily available to you when you want to raise the volume, toggle off the power and mute. You can easily use those switches without having to feel around or even take off the headset. Charging the G533’s while using the headset was non-intrusive because of the placement and the extra-long micro USB cable that Logitech gives you to use with the G533’s is a major plus. So, the design works from an ease of use standpoint.

If there are knocks on the design of the G533 it would be in the microphone being so fixed. When you pull the mic down you can pull out and extend the mic so you can maneuver it a little bit towards your mouth but it’s just not the same as being able to have free range to set the mic to the position where you like. I always felt like the mic was far away from my face for some reason. That was my major complaint with the design. My only other complaint is the swivel direction of the earcups. I’ll admit that this is me nitpicking but I can’t get used to the earcups swiveling inward as opposed to outward. It felt really weird and as much as I told myself I would get used to it, I haven’t but like I said that’s really me nitpicking as opposed to complaining.


The sound of the G533’s are the reason to buy these headphones. Nothing else. They’re incredible for gaming and really anything you can do while on your PC that involves audio. Once I put them on they sounded great but the way to get the best out of the G533’s is to download the gaming software and tweak your sound. You don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate this. I’m certainly not, all you have to know is how you like to hear things in the games you play and the movies you watch.

Just to elaborate on the gaming software for the G533’s a bit. It’s within this software that you can set up your profiles for movies, music or games. You setup your sound and whatever you set your profile for you can just switch each time you use that application. It’s super convenient. There are built in FPS and MOBA modes and standard preset sound modes. You have your EQ to be really specific with your sounds and the 7.1 surround sound mode. When you’re really gonna game or you intend to watch movies with these headphones please make sure you do not have the 7.1 audio off. It’s what makes this experience so great. The G533’s replicate the sound of a surround audio system. That means not only do you get a simulated experience of surround sound you can also raise and lower the levels for each “speaker” to accentuate the sounds that you desire most. It’s really well done and easy to tweak in software. Playing Battlefield and Forza Horizon was a pleasure, the background noises in Battlefield sounded like it and my ears weren’t blown out when revving my engine in Forza. This works just as good when watching movies. It’s a great balance and it’s an experience, no doubt about it.

Lastly, the mic. The G533’s mic is very clear and very crisp. Although I didn’t like the fixed position of the mic it is more than functional and the party on the other end never felt like they were talking to Darth Vader meaning hearing heavy breathing. Muting was as simple as just putting the mic back in the standing position and listening for the corresponding beep. Technically speaking the mic on the G533’s are perfectly placed so me having a grievance is only about preference but worry not the mic does the job and does it well. Sound is paramount with these headphones from all aspects. What you hear and what the person on the other end hears. A couple of my friends were telling me “Dude you sound really clear did you get new headphones?” Yup.

Should I buy these?

Now for the big question, “Should I buy these?” ummm yeah, HELL YEAH. Initially when I was invited to check out the G533’s I thought these were going to be some overpriced gaming cans with some complexed science that would describe the sound only to hear them and be like “meh”. Well, one of those things are true. There is a lot of complexed science involved in these headphones but it actually works and what you get for all that science is nothing short of amazing when you hear them and when you consider they’re only $149 they’re one of the best sets of PC gaming cans on the market right now.

If there’s one thing that may bug you about the G533’s it’s that they’re PC only (Mac too). You can’t use these with your phone or tablet (unless it’s a Surface) or any mobile device but mobile is a relative term. I didn’t mention this before but the wireless connection with these headphones are top notch and far exceed the proximity that bluetooth allows you. I was walking all over my apartment with these headphones on with no breakup or complete loss of sound. So if you have a big house, you can escape annoying people and just go in another room even if you’re not near your computer and you wanna rock out to some music. By the way, you can do all of this with an estimated 15 hours of battery life and when they said it they meant it. I barely have to charge these things.

Finally, if you can get past these headphones being somewhat ugly then you’ve got some serious cans that most people will envy you for. Maybe you can’t take them outside but is that such a bad thing? No. I know we want our devices to do a little bit of everything but I’d rather have certain devices do one thing really well then do a bunch things and be average. If not anything else the G533’s get audio for gaming right, very right. Maybe they aren’t ideal for music but they aren’t that bad either but if you really want to listen to music get some headphones for music. The G533 is my go to headphones for my PC gaming going forward. I’ve been using my Astro A40’s which are still great but they aren’t wireless and I don’t have to use a mixer with the G533’s, just the software and that’s it. Freedom. Logitech has a winner with the G533’s and they’re easily my favorite PC gaming headphones right now.

– Great Sound
– Customizable audio with easy software
– 7.1 Surround Sound
– Long range Wireless
– Great battery life

– PC Only
– Not very good looking
– A little uncomfortable
– Fixed microphone

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