Nintendo has a great deal coming up on Black Friday for anyone who’s wanted a 3DS but hasn’t gotten one as of yet.


Now is as good a time as any to take advantage of the killer sale Nintendo has going for Black Friday. Nintendo is selling their special edition 3DS for only $99. With that $99 investment you’ll be getting the 3DS you always wanted with the special edition Mushroom Kingdom print. So far from what I’ve seen they’ll be available in two colors, black and white. Even if you don’t like either color you can always gift one of these. It’s a great gift for a younger kid or a big kid that wants to play on the best handheld console on the market. There are a ton of games for the 3DS and you won’t be disappointed in picking one up. You can pick one of these 3DS handhelds at Walmart, Gamestop and Bestbuy. This offer is exclusive to the 3DS and not the 3DS XL. It’s not known if Nintendo will make a price adjustment for the 3DS XL but $99 for the 3DS is a good deal either way, don’t miss out. Go pick one up.

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