Those who purchased a Jet Black iPhone 7 and want a case that shows off this sexy new finish, then you may want to check out SwitchEasy’s latest case, GLASS, made especially for iPhone 7’s JET Black finish.

SwitchEasy introduces a brand-new medium, GLASS, to create the toughest, most see-through case in the world. With a 7H hardness rating, GLASS protects the iPhone 7 from nicks and scratches and with an optical transparency rating at 90%, which allows the user to enjoy the raw beauty the Jet Black iPhone 7.

Not only that, the new case creates a 1mm air barrier between the back of the iPhone 7 and the back of the GLASS case. That means the surface of the case will never touch the JET Black finish, ensuring long lasting protection from scratches and rubbing. GLASS also has Pass-Through Nubs, that enable a wireless signal to pass through metal casing.

GLASS is available at Indiegogo in three different colors that include, Stealth Black, Gold and Rose Gold for $39.99. It will ship to backers at the end of November, just in time for the holidays.

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